· August, 2009

Stories about Israel from August, 2009

Israel: Advocating Breastfeeding in Public

  31 August 2009

A Mother in Israel weighs in on breastfeeding in public. “The idea that public breastfeeding should be prohibited because it makes people uncomfortable is as absurd as keeping pregnant women in the house because people might think about how they got that way.”

Israel: Influence of Hippies on Israeli Culture

  31 August 2009

“Israel's always had a little more than its share of hippie tendencies,” writes My Urban Kvetch's Esther Kustanowitz, “From communal living arrangements (kibbutzim, moshavim, the army) to sandals and other footwear… Plus, unkempt beards, long hair, songs about peace.”

Israel: For the Love of Food

  31 August 2009

With the Jewish High Holidays approaching, food seems to be on everyone's minds. The Jewish blogosphere is ripe with sumptuous tidbits and contemplations about the cultural implications of food, food and identity, and the history and culture of our favorite culinary delights.

Israel: Social Media Advances Jewish Identity

  30 August 2009

How can social media enhance identity? eJewishPhilanthropy reports: “For a people who have fretted over a loss of identity for generation after generation… innovations like Twitter and Facebook are nothing less than, dare we say, a godsend.”

Israel: When Translations Go Wrong

  30 August 2009

Literal translations aren't always your best bet when moving between Hebrew and English, explains How to Be Israeli. She writes that the movie title “Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?” which is Biblical in tone in the native English, is translated in Hebrew as “Achi, Efo Atah?” which sounds a lot...

Israel: Hollywood in the Holy Land

  30 August 2009

September is a major month for Hollywood in the Holy Land. Israel will welcome Madonna, Leonard Cohen, Faith No More, Julio Iglesias, MGMT, and Dinosaur Jr. Both Madonna and Cohen's shows have sold out their 45,000+ seats. Israelity has the scoop.

Israel: Double Standards?

  16 August 2009

From Israel, Orly comments on media and online reactions to the bombing of a mosque and the killing of an Al Qaeda-inspired Islamic extremist group in Gaza over the weekend. “I can’t help but shake my head and ask, do these people have amnesia? In December Israel used the same...

Egypt: Blindfolding Lesson

  16 August 2009

Egyptian Moftasa discusses the impact of blindfolding when used for torture, noting the impact on the perpetrator. “We have to learn from both parties, if we want to understand its results more and perhaps stop people from inflicting it,” he adds.

Israel: Critical Means Self-Hating?

  10 August 2009

In Israel, Kristin says: “I’m so sick and tired of hearing this phrase “self-hating Jew”. I think that to be critical of one’s homeland is to be a true citizen: this can be done in many ways but if you are willing to strive to better it, how is this...

Israel, Palestine: Free Virtual Computer Conquers Wall

  5 August 2009

A new Israeli-Palestinian Internet start-up called G.ho.st is taking on Microsoft and Google in the competition to develop a “cloud computing” operating system that allows people to access all their files and software via the Internet.