· March, 2007

Stories about Israel from March, 2007

Israel: US Aid

  29 March 2007

Israeli blogger The Elder of Ziyon claims that US aid to the Palestinians will be used against Israel. “Of course, this would not be the first time that US weapons are used by Fatah against Israel,” he notes.

Israel: On the Saudi Initiative

  29 March 2007

Israeli blogger Yaeli suggests that her country responds to the Saudi initiative using the analysis being made by a Lebanese. “If Israel’s position is reasonable – and I think it is (the green line needs to be renegotiated, among other things), then these opinions should be put to the Arab...

The Israeli Blogs-Looking for an Advocate

  27 March 2007

Hello Everyone! Today I am guest authoring for the Israeli blogs…a section of the Middle East that doesn't get covered very much here at Global Voices. It isn't because we aren't interested…we are, and it isn't because the Israeli blogs aren't fun and fascinating…because they are (and I will show...

Palestine: Wall Demo Planned

  20 March 2007

“Palestinians from the souther Bethlehem village of Umm Salamuna and neighboring villages will protest against the Israeli bulldozers which are currently razing their land for the Apartheid Wall. In honor of Mother’s Day, Palestinian and international women will march in solidarity on the frontlines during the demonstration,” announced the International...

Israel: Football Fans

  20 March 2007

Israeli blogger Stephanie says that more than 7,000 British football fans are expected to be in Israel for a much anticipated match…and some more. “The English side of the stadium has already sold out but the British fans are interested in matters beyond the game – they’re looking forward to...

Israel: Is the Mount Temple a Muslim Holy Site?

  20 March 2007

Israeli blogger AgentAzure is questioning the attachment of Muslims to the Temple Mount based on photographs he has posted. “However, my impression, formed under the influence of the pictures posted below, is that it was practically lying in ruins, forgotten and neglected, for a long time. Only when Jews arrived...

Israel: Where is My Gas Mask?

  20 March 2007

Israeli blogger Yael K is looking for her gas mask. “This is actually a good question and I don’t have the answer –in some cabinet or drawer or under something or another, perhaps the bed, hmmm. Not that I’m expecting to need it for anything any time soon but as...

Israel: Obama Sympathatic Towards Palestine.

  20 March 2007

Israeli blogger Batya is warning against the election of Obama , whom he accuses of being sympathetic towards the Palestinians. “Yes, he, like Jimmy Carter and Condi Rice, is pro- (sic) “palestininian.” That's dangerous for Israel. It doesn't bother them at all that Arab terrorists are murdering and injuring Jews....

Israel: Mother's Milk Needed

  20 March 2007

Israeli blogger Yisrael Medad pleads for ‘mother's milk’ here for a four-month-old infant whose parents died in a car crash.

Israel: Death of a Coach

  20 March 2007

Israeli blogger Aussie Dave writes about the death of Pakistan's cricket coach Bob Woolmer after his team's defeat against Ireland. “While the family are saying that stress probably killed him, it is likely that if stress did not do the job, many Pakistanis would have,” he explains.

Israel: Bad Hummus?

  10 March 2007

Israeli blogger Yael has had bad hummus (crushed chick peas) and is wondering whether the traditional dish has an expiry date. “How long does hummus keep in the fridge once you’ve opened it? I’m wondering because I consumed only a small quantity of hummus earlier today from a carton that...

Israel: Bedouin Open Season?

  10 March 2007

Israeli blogger Desert Peace links to a story about the killing of a Bedouin shepherdess. “It's open season on the Bedouin these days…. either their homes are demolished by the IDF .. or their children are shot for ‘trespassing’,” he writes.

Israel: On Refugees and Settlers

  9 March 2007

“The passing of time, it seems to me, the passing of time without resolution, is the greatest evil we face. The passing of time compounds problems beyond measure. The passing of time makes everything more convoluted. This is especially so when it comes to some of the thorniest issues facing...