· September, 2009

Stories about Israel from September, 2009

Israel: The Meaning of Home

  29 September 2009

Absolute Carmel‘s Carmel Vaisman contemplates notions of home. “I fear that the concept of home, like love or identity, is a complex chaotic fractal, a secret formula, that if I change one component I’ll lose it entirely.”

Israel: “Ajami” Reveals Nuanced Look at Israeli Society

  27 September 2009

The film "Ajami" was the big winner at last night's Ophir Prizes and will continue on to international audiences as Israel's foreign film nominee for the 2010 Academy Awards. Israeli bloggers comment on the film, which touches on coexistence between people of different religions.

Israel: Palestinian TV Comedy Wins Applause from Bloggers

  27 September 2009

“Country on a String,” a new Palestinian comedy that aired during Ramadan, is being hailed by Israeli bloggers for its creative irreverence. Tamar Orvell of Only Connect writes: “I salute my brave Palestinian cousins who pick up pens, not guns, and who look within and without in a bid for...

Israel: New Organ Donation Law Passed

  27 September 2009

The Chief Rabbinate (Court) and Knesset (Congress) of Israel have ruled that a patient who is brain dead is legally dead, allowing for his organs to be harvested more effectively before his heart stops beating. OneJerusalem.com discusses the implications of the ruling.

Israel/Palestine: Mocking Qaddafi on Wikipedia

  27 September 2009

Qaddafi = dog? Mu-ha-med of The Traveler Within reports: “I don't what was it that ticked an anonymous user to edit his Wikipedia page, changing the Libyan leader's name in Arabic from “Muammar Al-Qaddhafi معمر القذافـي” to “DOG كلب.”

Israel: Dealing with Israelis During the Holiday Season

  27 September 2009

“Every fall, millions of Israelis stop what they are doing (aka “working”) and spend several weeks watching and sending Shana Tova (Happy New Year) greetings to one another.” Gila Weiss of My Shrapnel offers a crash course on what you need to know about dealing with Israelis during the holiday...

Egypt: Blogging Farouk Hosni's Defeat

  24 September 2009

Egypt's Culture Minister Farouk Hosni has kept bloggers busy over the previous few days. His failed bid to secure a seat at the helm of UNESCO has polarised the blogosphere, with some even cooking up conspiracy theories to justify his defeat.

Lebanon: Lebanese Bloggers React to Israeli film “Lebanon”

  14 September 2009

Lebanese bloggers have offered a mixed reception to another Israeli film about the Jewish state's 1982 invasion of its northern neighbour. Conspicuously titled "Lebanon", the autobiographical film is set entirely in a tank as it recounts the Israeli military's involvement in the conflict.

Palestine: Travelers Say Israel is Illegally Denying Access

  9 September 2009

Travelers to the Palestinian West Bank are now facing new restrictions. Visas obtained from Israeli consulates for their visit are stamped "Palestinian Authority areas only" in violation of the 1995 Oslo II Accords which allow unhindered movement for foreign travelers to Israel. Jillian C. York reports.

Eastern Europe: WWII and the Jews

  9 September 2009

The Foreigner's Guide to Slovakia writes about WWII and the Jews of Slovakia. CzechFolks.com writes about the rescue of hundreds of Czechoslovak Jewish children by Sir Nicholas Winton in 1939. Polandian writes about “the crazy idea of moving Eastern European Jews to Madagascar” that was considered by Poland in 1937.

Egypt: Tune in to the Naglaa El Emam Show

  7 September 2009

An Egyptian lawyer, with her share of controversy, is making the headlines again. This time it is because of her conversion to Christianity. Marwa Rakha has the story in this post.