· August, 2010

Stories about Israel from August, 2010

Russia: “Where's Your Rabbi?”

RuNet Echo  26 August 2010

Oleg Klimov posts two photos from Birobidzhan in Russia's Jewish Autonomous Region – and shares this short conversation (RUS) with a guard at the local synagogue: “‘Where's your rabbi?’ – ‘He left for Israel a long time ago…'”

MENA: The Bigger Picture Behind Eden Abergil's Facebook Photos

  21 August 2010

When ex-Israeli soldier Eden Abergil's Facebook photo album "IDF-the best days of my life" was revealed to contain pictures of her posing mockingly alongside blindfolded Palestinian detainees, the blogosphere was outraged. In this post, Katharine Ganly takes a look at some of the different reactions from the MENA region.

Lebanon: Top Tweet

  11 August 2010

“Israel should publish a guidebook “How to start a war and blame others 101” #lebanese” was  the Darine Sabbagh's comment on the Lebanese border clash of August 3rd and which became a Top Tweet.

Lebanon: Unique Summers

  11 August 2010

“Since the beginning of Summer 2010, the Israeli PR machine didn’t take a summer vacation, in fact they doubled the efforts […] to make sure that Lebanese Tourism, which is the living blood of Lebanon’s growth, doesn’t happen,” writes Lebanese Voices on a series of Israeli incursions and about the August 3rd border...

Video Contest: Internet for Peace

  3 August 2010

The Internet has been nominated for the 2010 Nobel Peace Prize. As part of the ongoing debate on the contribution of Internet to our society, Condé Nast and Google Ireland have joined to organize this video contest and the winner will have the opportunity to travel and get their video featured on Italian MTV.

Palestine/Israel: Paul and Peace

  3 August 2010

After the success of Paul the Octopus in correctly guessing the outcome of all of Germany's matches in the World Cup, bloggerheads tweets: “I think we've seen enough to trust Paul the Octopus with two boxes marked ‘Israel’ and ‘Palestine’.”

Israel: The Razing of Al Araqeeb

  3 August 2010

Daniel Dukarevich posted an eyewitness account (Hebrew) of the eradication of the Bedouin Negev village of Al-Araqeeb by the Israeli police and military. Tikun Olam posts a translation here.