· June, 2010

Stories about Israel from June, 2010

Israel: World Cup Bonanza – Back to the Game

  20 June 2010

Maya Norton's attempts to find World Cup reactions in Israeli blogs are being foiled by a minor dilemma - it seems that most Israeli World Cup fans are too busy watching the games to blog about it. Here's a sampling from bloggers who found the time.

Israel: Dubious Thanks to USAID

  20 June 2010

JoeSettler posts a photo of a sign he often passes that reads, “This [road] is a gift from the American people to the Palestinian people.” “What I think that USAID overlooked,” he comments, “Is that Jews also use this road regularly.” According to their website, USAID has donated $1 billion...

Israel: Storing Water for Emergencies

  20 June 2010

When you live in the Middle East, water is essential to your daily survival. Israeli Kitchen recommends ways to store water in preparation for an emergency and what water sources you can use if your standard stores dry up.

Israel: A Woman's Power to Name Herself

  20 June 2010

“I’ve noticed that whenever a woman defends having taken her husband’s name… it’s invariably stated, ‘After all, feminism is about choice.’ Well I’m not pleased with having women who choose tradition, or patriarchy, telling me what feminism ‘is about,'”

Sri Lanka: Reflections On The Problems In Gaza

  19 June 2010

Sri Lankan MP and blogger Rajiva Wijesinha reflects on the adjournment of resolution on the problems in Gaza: “the world is desperately in need of consensus based on universally accepted principles of justice, rather than continuing indulgence to old victims by old victimizers.”

Israel: iPhone Weather App Divides Jerusalem

  14 June 2010

If you want to know the weather for Jerusalem on your iPhone, you're going to have to get specific, reports Jewlicious‘ CK. You will now have to choose between East and West Jerusalem. “On the Yahoo weather page East Jerusalem’s weather is in Palestinian Occupied Territories >West Bank >Jerusalem and...

Israel: Politics and Protest with Humor

  14 June 2010

I see your protest and I raise you one. Jameel of the Muqata gives us politics with a much needed sense of humor. Last Saturday, a left-wing demonstration protesting 43 years of Israeli occupation in the West Bank was infiltrated by counter protesters holding signs such as, “We believe in...

Israel: Violence, Non-Violence, and Palestinian Solidarity

  14 June 2010

In “7 Reasons I'm Conflicted about the Fredom Flotilla” Daniel Sieradski writes: “By engaging in violence…[the activists] have demonstrated succinctly to Israel's supporters and allies that they, and by extension all Palestinian solidarity activists, are neither non-violent nor pro-peace. This hampers their cause and the greater cause of Palestinian liberation.”

Israel: Barred from Spain's Gay Pride Parade

  14 June 2010

In an entry entitled “You Know You're an Outcast When…” Israeli blogger David Bogner remarks on Spain's barring of Israel from its gay pride parade. Meanwhile, Tel Aviv celebrated its largest parade ever with 100,000 participants, Isrealli reports.

Global Voices: We are listening

  11 June 2010

Soon after Israel's deadly raid on a flotilla carrying aid to Gaza, one post on Global Voices sparked furious critique on Twitter. Tarek Amr in Egypt summarizes the debate.

Brazil/Israel: Open letter to the Israeli government

  11 June 2010

“Now, after the coward attack in international waters carried out by Israeli military against the fleet of humanitarian aid to Gaza” says Maria Frô [pt], “again [the movie-maker Sílvio] Tendler manifests” in an open letter to the Israeli government.

Egypt: The First Starbucks Protest in Egypt

  10 June 2010

The Gaza-bound Flotilla Raid has sparked an uprising in Egypt. Zeinobia covered the first Starbucks Protest in Egypt; A video and photographs were also posted by Sarah Carr and Mostafa Hussein.

Kurdistance: The Hypocrisy of Defending Turkey

  8 June 2010

As there is an increase of support for both Turkey and Palestine in the wake of the Israeli raid on the Gaza Freedom Flotilla, Kurdish bloggers caution against supporting a country whose human rights record leaves much to be desired.

Israel: Pixies Pull Show Stopper

  8 June 2010

In the wake of mounting international criticism and condemnation of Israel’s clash with activists intent on breaking the blockade on Gaza, the Pixies, a veteran rock band, have canceled their concert in Israel. Nicole Hyman follows the debate on the link between music and politics on Twitter.

Brazil: Brazilian President in Israeli TV Video-Joke

  7 June 2010

Brazillian netcitizens react to Israeli Latma TV video mocking President Lula da Silva. Hellington from Full ideas blog believes [pt] that the video only shows the ignorance of the world concerning Brazil, though he agrees with the idea that the Brazilian President shouldn't meddle with Iran and other sensitive issues....

USA: American student loses eye in West Bank protest

  6 June 2010

One of the many protests that erupted after Israel's deadly raid on the Turkish aid convoy ended in tragedy for a 21-year-old American student, Emily Henochowicz, who was protesting in the occupied West Bank, at the Qalandiya checkpoint on May 31.

Maghreb: Overwhelming Support for Flotilla Activists

  6 June 2010

The global outcry following the deadly Israeli attack on the Gaza-bound Freedom Flotilla has been reflected on streets across the world and throughout the Internet, on social networks and personal blogs. Hisham looks at reactions from the Maghreb in this post.

Israel: IDF Poetry Slam Between Druze, Bedouin Soldiers

  6 June 2010

Picture this: Druze and Bedouin Israel Defense Forces (IDF) soldiers sitting in a room singing call and response poetry to each other in the ancient Arabic style of Zajal. The video and background information can be found at Nizo's Blog, subtitled “A Gay Palestinian Muses on the Missile East.”