· October, 2007

Stories about Israel from October, 2007

Israel: When Yigal Murdered Rabin

  29 October 2007

Last week marked the 12th anniversary of the murder of Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin. Gilad Lotan translates a blog from Hebrew which sheds light on the celebrations which broke out at an ultra-orthodox community when the news was announced.

Palestine: Buying a House in Palestine

  20 October 2007

“So if any of you spanish speaking Russians are thinking of buying a home- go to Israel! In fact, buy my house, will you? Because God knows I can't buy it back from the state of Israel- neither has my family since the day it was taken in 1948,” writes...

Palestine: Eid's New Clothes

  17 October 2007

Deborah of Palestine shows Palestinian children dressed in new clothes to celebrate Eid, which marks the end of the month of Ramadan for Muslims. The photographs show children crossing Israeli checkpoints.

Israel: Tree of Life

  11 October 2007

A Soldier's Mother from Israel narrates the story of a special which gave a new lease of life to a Jew during World War II.

Israel: Manning Security Check Points

  10 October 2007

Israeli A Soldier's Mother explains what it is for her son to work at a check point in this post. “What does it mean to man a checkpoint? Elie and his group will have 2-3 seconds to decide if the person who is approaching them poses a threat. Is there...

Israel: Pro-Israeli Blogs

  10 October 2007

Aussie Dave from Israel is looking for pro-Israeli blogs. “I would be interested in hearing from you – in the comments – as to which are your favorite pro-Israel blogs, the blogs you turn to for the latest on the Middle East,” he writes.

Egypt: October War

  6 October 2007

Zeinobia from Egypt gives us the Egyptian perspective of the October 1973 war with Israel here.

Egypt: Peace with Israel?

  6 October 2007

“It's been about 30 years now since Egypt and Israel signed their famous historic peace treaty, but, from a normal friendship aspect, did any kind of real change happen in the everyday relations between the two countries?” asks The Egypt Blog.

Lebanon: Israel spinning nuclear threat

  2 October 2007

Israel, Israel Army Radio, and Haaretz are spinning the threat of a nuclear war in the Middle East to legitimise Israel's hidden military nuclear program, writes Sophia.