· April, 2008

Stories about Israel from April, 2008

Israel: Modern Day Exodus, on African Refugees and their Right for Medical Care

  24 April 2008

Around 6,000 African refugees escaped the horrors in their countries, and seek refuge in Israel. Many of them live in harsh conditions and can be spotted shivering cold on the streets of southern Tel-Aviv. The insensitive behavior from the side of the Israeli government comes only tens of years after the holocaust, when Jews came to the same plot of land, seeking refuge from the horrors of Europe, writes Gilad Lotan, who shows us how a group of bloggers are volunteering to draw a smile on the faces of countless of destitute refugees.

Green Global Voices on Earth Day 2008

  23 April 2008

Bloggers celebrated Earth Day on April 22 by posting their thoughts on what the day means, others did a roundup of articles, some shared reading lists and others mused about climate change. In this brief roundup we get a glimpse of these blogger's views on Earth Day 2008. Starting with...

What's Carter Doing in the Middle East?

  22 April 2008

Former US President Jimmy Carter just concluded talks with Palestinian Hamas leaders in Cairo, Egypt. First, it was the turn of the US Presidential elections to snub the visit. Now, bloggers from the region join them to rebuff it.

U.S. Papal Visit: The World Reacts

  22 April 2008

As Pope Benedict XVI makes his first papal visit to the United States, the media and blogosphere are in a frenzy - primarily due to the sexual abuse scandal that shook the foundation of the American Catholic church six years ago. The Pope addressed the issue in Washington D.C. on Thursday, speaking with victims of sexual abuses, which pleased some bloggers but for others was too little too late.

Israel: Jail for Iranian Police Chief

  16 April 2008

“You may recall the case of the Iranian police chief who was on the other side of an arrest after being found nude in a local brothel with six naked prostitutes. Well, now it looks like the next time he will be in the same room as 6 naked people,...

Bahrain: Jews Remember Al Nakba

  16 April 2008

Bint Battuta in Bahrain links to Palestine Remembered and No Time to Celebrate – Jews Remember Al Nakba (Catastrophe), which draw attention to the plight of Palestinians since the establishment of Israel 60 years ago.

Syria: 60 years after Deir Yasin

  15 April 2008

“As Israel prepares to celebrate its sixtieth anniversary, and as Palestinians reach sixty years of dispossession, we must honor the memory of those who perished in the savage butchery that was the Deir Yasin massacre of April 9, 1948,” writes Rime Allaf, who commemorates the 60th anniversary of the massacre.

Vlog International: collaboration across borders

  14 April 2008

Vlog International is a project bringing together Spanish speaking vloggers: people submit their ideas, one is chosen and everyone records their piece, someone edits them together and they are published on their site. They began in 2006, when a group of friends got together to do a video homage for...

Israel: Egyptian Goose Spotted in Tel Aviv

  8 April 2008

Something you may not know about Israel is that it is an orthnologist's dream. At the crux of transcontinental migration patterns, Israel is well known as a bird lovers’ paradise. An odd bird was spotted today in Tel Aviv, believed to be from Egypt or Sudan. OneJerusalem brings us photographic...

Israel: Wild Boars in Haifa, Oh My

  8 April 2008

Mia the Ima reports that there are wild boars in Haifa. The City of Haifa has passed a new law legalizing wild boar hunting to cut down its burgeoning population. Antics are guaranteed to ensue.

Israel: Israeli Startup Falsely Accused of Rigging Zimbabwe's Elections

  5 April 2008

On Friday, March 28th, an online newspaper called "Zimbabwe Online" published an article accusing Cogniview, an Israeli startup company, of helping Robert Mugabe rig the Zimbabwean elections. A lengthy response was published on Cogniview's blog, denouncing the story as blatantly false, and proposing a possible scenario of how their Open Source PDF converter was linked to Zimbabwe's elections, writes Gilad Lotan.

Video and mobile video contests for global citizen journalists.

  3 April 2008

Three different video contests open for video bloggers from around the world to participate in, either especifically geared for citizen journalists or with a category for them. One for mobile movies, one to promote causes you care for and the last to report news through online video. So bring out your cameras and read on to discover how to participate.