· February, 2006

Stories about Israel from February, 2006

Israel: People for the Safe Use of the Internet

8 February 2006

As a result of a tragic event in my family, in which my son, being in depression, received encouragement and instructions how to commit suicide over the net, 8 years ago, which resulted shortly in his death, I decided to set up a non-profit organizatioon in Israel, called ESHNAV, translated...

Israel: The Shabab Invade Jerusalem

6 February 2006

The theme was “Olmert is bad for the Jews” at the rally at Zion Square in Jerusalem. Organized by the Yesha Council of Jewish Settlements, speakers at the rally called for the formulation of “a state commission of inquiry into what they called “the brutal police violence” during the eviction...

Jamaica, Israel: Forever lovin’ Bob

  6 February 2006

The Caribbean Beat Blog links to a travelogue by Bob Marley expert Roger Steffens which covers Steffens’ recent trip to Israel, where he “discovers the importance of Bob's message of peace in a land torn by violence.”

A Zestful Welcome to the Wonders of the World

  5 February 2006

The best food of a country is the traditional food which has been tried and tested over the centuries. It suits the climate, and uses the best products of that country. We all have long food related memories: the aromas from the kitchens of our childhood remain when many other...