· July, 2007

Stories about Israel from July, 2007

Palestine: Hillary Apology?

  27 July 2007

Palestinian Haitham Sabbah suggests that Hillary Clinton apologises to the UN for the death of a peace-keeper in Lebanon, after approving the sale of cluster bombs to Israel.

Israel: New Textbook

  27 July 2007

Issandr El Amrani, who is based in Egypt, suggests that Israel is an apartheid state because its Arab citizens have separate schools and textbooks.

Israeli Security at a South African airport?

  26 July 2007

Walton Pantland is outraged that Israeli security police are operating in South Africa where they detained, interrogated and strip searched Xolile Nxu, the Vice-President of the South African Municipal Workers Union (SAMWU) at O R Tambo Airport (formally Johannesburg International).

Egypt: Soccer Counters Terrorism, Blogger Helps Drug Addict, Blogging Egypt's History and More

  26 July 2007

In this week's round-up from Egypt there are so many intertwined stories. One blogger is asking: what is the relation between soccer and terrorism? We also have an interesting story by Isis, (Egypt-The Reality), who is helping a drug addict because of a blog post. Egypt-Napoleon's history is being profiled in a new blog and can a new fatwa (religious opinion) bring imprisoned Egyptian blogger Karim Amer back to life? There is also a follow up on the 11-year-old mother by Zeinobia.

Palestine: Today's Ultimate Sin – Complacency?

  21 July 2007

"'It is not only for what we do that we are held responsible, but also for what we do not do.' The virtuous amongst us try to identify evil, and not do it. However, how often do we consider the act of NOT DOING as evil?" asks blogger Oranges and Olives. A good question among many from this week's post of prolific Palestinian blogs.

Iran:Remember July war in Lebanon

  19 July 2007

Varesin writes[Fa] about last year war between Israel and Hezbollah in Lebanon.The blogger says “the victory of Hezbollah proves that investing in Islamic groups can be very fruitful.”The blogger reminds that supporting Islamic groups is one of foundations of Islamic Republic.

Israel: Knesset Trouble

  19 July 2007

David Bogner from Israel comments on an incident in which a Justice Ministry attorney slapped a Member of Knesset.

Lebanon: What a Shame!

  13 July 2007

“It is a shame some people cannot make a distinction between politics and everyday life,” writes M from Lebanon in the wake of Israeli blogger and journalist Lisa Goldman visit to Lebanon.

Israel: A Spy in Lebanon

  13 July 2007

Israeli Lisa Goldman writes about her trip to Beirut and her coverage one year after the war with Israel and the reactions it received.

Israel: Petra Shame

  9 July 2007

Stephanie from Israel hangs her head in shame that she hasn't been to world wonder Petra, Jordan, yet.