· April, 2007

Stories about Israel from April, 2007

Arabeyes: On Selling a Palestinian Kidney and Changing the Israeli Flag

  30 April 2007

Do you want to know why a Palestinian wants to sell his kidney, or what had happened to the bicycle of a Lebanese blogger on September 10, 2001? What is more difficult: returning home after living abroad for five years or demanding that Israel changes its flag just as the Kurds want to change the Iraqi flag? And last but not least: why does Ala'a Abdulfattah - the Godfather of Egyptian bloggers - say he isn't and was never a blogger? To know more, read on.

Israel: Traffic in Downtown Jerusalem

  28 April 2007

Israeli blogger Izzy Bee focuses on traffic problems in downtown Jerusalem here. “Bartov has narrowed traffic lanes downtown so no ambulance or fire engine could possibly get to a medical emergency or a terrorist's bomb site. Concrete pillars prevent vehicles from pulling over to let them pass. Siren, schmiren: it's...

Israel: Controversarial Articles

  28 April 2007

Israeli blogger Desert Peace discusses the controversy which surrounded articles he had posted on a peace solution for the Israeli-Palestinian stand-off.

Israel: Picture Quiz

  28 April 2007

Israeli blogger themiddle wants you to play the guessing game this week and let us know where this picture was taken.

Egypt: Sinai Bedouins Seek Refuge in Israel

  27 April 2007

Writing at Kabobfest, blogger Hanaan reports the plight of a Sinai bedouin, who is seeking entry into Israel. “You know police brutality has reached a new low in Egypt when hundreds of the country's poorest would rather seek refuge in Israel than face Mubarak's hired guns. The government should be...

Arabeyes: Palestinian Jordanian Anyone?

  26 April 2007

Jordanian blogger Hareega is furious that people avoid discussing racism in his society. He is particularly angry about the discrimination Jordanians of Palestinian origin go through in a country he claims they have helped build and project to the level it is today. يبدو أن الناس بشكل عام تتفادى الخوض...

Israel: Keeping Faith

  25 April 2007

Jerusalem-based blogger Desert Peace spent Israel's National Day in an Arab village in Northern Israel where he met a man who has still not lost his faith in God. “I sat on the veranda just observing the goings on. It was not just any day, it was Israel's Independence Day…...

Palestine: Who is Azmi Bishara?

  25 April 2007

Palestinian blogger Haitham Sabbah sheds light on Palestinian-Israeli Azmi Bishara – the Head of the National Democratic Assembly political party in Israel, a Christian Palestinian and a citizen of Israel who USED to represents Israel’s Palestinian minority in the Knesset until few days ago.

Israel: 59th Anniversary

  24 April 2007

Lebanese blogger Assad Abu Khalil quotes Israeli paper Haartez as saying: “An atmosphere of disappointment, despondency and anxiety prevails in Israel in its 59th year. There is no point in trying to dull the power of these feeling when we mark Memorial Day and Independence Day,” as Israel marks its...

Angry Arab: Conspiring Against Al Jazeera

  24 April 2007

‘Call me conspiratorial (please do), but Aljazeera.net (Arabic) has this headline: “Olmert shows flexibility toward the Arab peace initiative.” Tomorrow on Aljazeera.net: news about Bush's promotion of freedoms in the Middle East,’ writes blogger Khalil Abu Assad in his Angry Arab News Service.

Arabeyes: What Makes a Good Blog and a Good Doctor?

  24 April 2007

From discussing what makes a good blog and who is a good doctor, we move to see the reaction of a father whose son is used as a human shield and why a blogger refuses to reply to comments on his blog while he is on holiday as we skim blogs from Tunisia to Kuwait this week.

Israel: New Proposal for Israel

  24 April 2007

“As a Torah-observant, patriotic Jew in Eretz Yisrael I long for the day on which I will be able to live in a Jewish polity which operates according to halacha, Jewish law. I sorrowfully see a secular state which is in a desperate race against time to commit suicide before...

Egypt: Rare Visit

  24 April 2007

Egyptian blogger egYptianist posts a rare find in an Egyptian newspaper, dating back to 1913, which reads: “Egyptian Delta Railways Ltd. Helwan Line. Visit to the Israelite Cemetery. We are honored to announce to the public that concerning the visit to the Israelite Cemetery in Bassatine on Friday, October 13,...

Israel: Kill Ahmadinejad

  23 April 2007

Israeli paper Yediot Ahronot published a commentary which says that Israel should not shy away from threatening to kill Iran’s Ahmadinejad, reports Egyptian-based blogger Issandr El Amrani. “I feel that way about a lot of politicians. Perhaps the entire region should resolve its conflicts through assassinations. It would save a...

Egypt: El Attar Guilty

  23 April 2007

Egyptian blogger Zeinobia closes the last chapter on discussions about an Egyptian-Canadian accused of spying for Israel by declaring that El Attar is guilty. “The 15 years in jail is the maximum punishment for espionage in time of Peace , where as in time of war it can reach to...

Israel: Anti-Semitism on the Rise

  20 April 2007

Anti-Semitism is on the rise worldwide, but France has seen a particularly significant jump in the number of violent attacks on Jews, writes Israeli blogger Smooth Stone.