· June, 2009

Stories about Israel from June, 2009

Israel/Palestine: Travels With A Surfboard

  28 June 2009

Jesse Aizenstat is an American surfer who has been visiting Israel and Palestine – and he has carried his surfboard everywhere: “Walk from the Jerusalem bus station to the Muslim Quarter. This took about a half-hour; perhaps more because of inquisitive strangers questioning my sanity for bringing a surfboard to...

Israel/Palestine: Human Rights Activist Reports on Mission

  28 June 2009

Reporting from Israel, human rights activist Rae Abileah reflects on her recent Gaza solidarity mission. “It felt really powerful to be taking a stand against occupation in this very tangible way.” She adds, “While I know that we enjoy the privileges of these fun-filled actions, there is an ever-present awareness...

Palestine: Website Honors Memory of Fallen Daughters

  28 June 2009

Among the casualties of the Gaza war with Israel this winter were four young women of the Abuelaish family. Daughters For Life is Dr. Izzeldin Abuelaish's tribute to their memory. Jewschool calls it: “A powerful endorsement of non-violence in the face of Palestinian extremism and Israeli belligerence.”

USA: Celebrating Tel Aviv's 100th in New York

  24 June 2009

New Yorkers may have been shocked to encounter a beach party, and accompanying artificial beach, in the midst of Central Park this weekend. The event, organized by the Tel Aviv/Jaffa and New York City municipalities in celebration of Tel Aviv's 100th birthday, included thousands of partygoers and 15 tons of...

Israel: Best iPhone Applications for Hebrew Speakers

  24 June 2009

JobShuk brings you “Top 10 iPhone Apps for Israel.” Their features include low cost ways to stay in touch with friends and families abroad, a Hebrew/English dictionary, a downloadable Hebrew calendar, and a program that provides the latest rates on currency exchange.

Israel: 7th Most Internet Connected Country in World

  24 June 2009

Israel is the world's 7th most internet connected society, reports Lirun of East Med Sea Peace. “It means many things,” he writes: “Freedom of information, freedom of expression, freedom of e-activism, freedom of e-entrepreneurship, freedom of media verification, freedom of online association and congregation. It's unlimited…”

Israel: Bedouin Village Relies on Green Energy

  24 June 2009

The Bedouin village of Darajat is gaining acclaim for its focus on clean energy. The Green Prophet reports: “Most residents have solar water heaters and electric systems, the school is powered by wind and sun, and students learn hands-on about alternative energy by reading the power meters in their classrooms....

Israel: Music Videos Unite Jewish & Arab Youth

  24 June 2009

Windows for Peace, a nonprofit based in Tel Aviv, Israel, is waging practical solutions for peace. This summer, Jewish and Arab Israeli teens will unite to create short music videos that represent their ideals. According to Israelity, the project's goal is “showing young people in the region that communication with...

Israel: Obama's Ratings Plummet in Jewish World

  24 June 2009

OneJerusalem.com and Jewlicious observe that American President Barack Obama's popularity ratings in the Jewish world have taken a significant dive since his Cairo speech and Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu's subsequent White House visit, both in May.

Israel: Summer in Jerusalem

  24 June 2009

Summer in Jerusalem is best enjoyed from a bird's eye view, says the Jerusalem Gypsy blogger. “I… like rooftop anythings in Jerusalem. The air is cool at night and there are rooftop barbecues, concerts, etc. happening all throughout the summer. If it's rooftop, I'm there.”

Israel: Activism in Israel and Iran

  24 June 2009

Israeli activist Joseph Dana writes: “As an Israeli actively contesting the overt and covert policies of my government, I have been struck with a feeling of familiarity and identification with the events that have been unfolding in Iran.”

Egypt: Sign Avaaz Settlements Petition

  19 June 2009

Egyptian Dalia Ziada announces that she has just signed an Avvaz petition, which supports US president Barack Obama's call to stop the building of Israeli settlements on Palestinian territories. So far, 179,699 people have signed the petition.

Israel: Dubai Futuristic Farm out of Star Trek

  8 June 2009

Writing at Mideast Youth, Green Prophet from Israel, discusses development in the UAE and notes: “Environmental projects including specially designed buildings, business parks and residential centers are years ahead of other countries. And now, a project in Dubai is developing something even more awesome: A vertical farm that looks like...

Middle East: Bloggers React to Obama's Address

  5 June 2009

From being described as the "self-appointed world leader" to questioning his choice of speech venue to choosing to turn a deaf ear to his speech, blogs across the Middle East are reacting to US President Barack Obama's policy speech on the Middle East just delivered in Cairo, Egypt.

Israel/Palestine: Commemorating the Nakba and Debating Loyalty

  5 June 2009

May 15 is Nakba Day, when Palestinians commemorate the creation of Israel and subsequent Palestinian displacement and dispossession. Shortly after the day this year, a controversial piece of legislation was proposed in the Knesset banning commemoration of the Nakba. Two other bills were recently proposed, one introducing a pledge of allegiance to Israel as a Jewish state, and another criminalising public denial of Israel as a Jewish state. While the “loyalty law” has been rejected, and the Nakba bill has been amended, the fact that the bills were introduced at all has prompted debate and protest.

Palestine: Israeli Soldiers Hand Children to Settlers

  3 June 2009

Joy, a member of the Christian Peacemaker Teams in the West Bank, describes the most horrifying situation she says she has witnessed: “Three boys were taken by the Israeli army and handed over to a group of masked settlers who insulted and beat them.”