· February, 2009

Stories about Israel from February, 2009

Israel: Battling Cancer

  28 February 2009

Daughter of Cancer from Israel describes the suffering her 56-year-old mother is going through battling brain cancer.

Syria: Violation of Terms of Service

  26 February 2009

Syrian Hosam Akras writes that WordPress has disabled a blog which lists Israel's “crimes against humanity” because it did not comply with its terms of service.

Palestine: Attacks On Gaza Continue

  23 February 2009

Despite the announcement of unilateral ceasefires by both Israel and Hamas, attacks by the Israeli military on Gaza continue while Palestinian factions have been launching rockets into Israel. In this post we hear the latest from Gaza's blogs.

Israel: Dubai Denies Shahar Visa

  23 February 2009

Dubai has denied Israeli female tennis star Shahar Peer a visa to play in the Dubai Tennis Championships, while her male colleague Andy Ram, was able to receive one. “There might have been some logic as to why Ms. Peer was not allowed to play, at least in some circles,...

lsrael: Spiderman Stops Traffic

  18 February 2009

Who is least likely to slow your daily commute? Spiderman probably features low on the list. Israeli police arrested a costumed Spidey yesterday who had created a traffic jam by jumping from car to car with webbed ropes, Benji Lovitt of What War Zone??? reports.

Israel: Exhibit Features Intimate View of Ultra-Orthodox Jews

  18 February 2009

A new photography exhibit will reveal an intimate look into the lives of Ultra-Orthodox Jews. On display at the Land of Israel Museum in Tel Aviv, Menahem Kahana's photographs will be on view until June 2009. Dion Nissenbaum of Checkpoint Jerusalem recommends: “For those who are curious and interested, the...

Egypt: Bloggers Take on the “Sons of Zion”

  18 February 2009

The bombs on Gaza may have stopped falling, but a fierce cyber battle continues, with bloggers on both sides of the fence mobilising their troops to 'obliterate' the presence of the other - at least online. Marwa Rakha taps into the Egyptian blogosphere to present to us another facet of this war.

Jordan: Cook for Peace

  17 February 2009

“Arab Chick and Jewish Girl, two of the most hilarious bloggers hailing from the region,  have created a cooking blog to  achieve for world peace. No snark, we’re all serious here,” reports Kinzi, from Jordan.

Japan: Jerusalem Prize to writer Haruki Murakami

  17 February 2009

Mojimoji praises [jp] a speech given by writer Haruki Murakami (村上春樹), who received the Jerusalem Prize for the Freedom of the Individual in Society on Sunday Feb. 15th. The blogger also remarks on how, in his opinion, Japanese media intentionally avoided giving weight to Murakami's words, which should be read...

Russia: Yandex, Anonymity, “Oligarchs”

  17 February 2009

A few updates from IZO: “Yandex (acronym apparently of Yet ANother inDEXer), which is way ahead of Google in Russian search, is opening an office in Silicon Valley”; Ministry of Internal Affairs demands “an end to anonymity on the internet”; Russian organized crime in Israel; and what awaits “most of...

Israel/Arab World: Reflections on Waltz with Bashir

  16 February 2009

Rantings of an Arab Chick posts a trailer from Waltz with Bashir by Israeli Ari Folman about his experiences during the Israeli invasion of Lebanon in 1982. “I think this is a film I'll want to see… And not see,” she notes.

Israel: “Strange” and “Complicated” Elections

  12 February 2009

Two former Prime Ministers, Benjamin Netanyahu and Ehud Barak, and Foreign Affairs Minister and Acting Prime Minister Tzipi Livni ran a tight race to win the votes of Israelis. The result is a “nail-biting poll” and an election cliff hanger, which sees Livni as a forerunner and Netanyahu a very close second. And while the election results will not be announced for days, Israeli bloggers share their thoughts on this “strange,” and “complicated” elections in this post.

Jordan: Whoever Wins in Israel, Palestinians Lose

  11 February 2009

“Whoever truly ends up winning the Israeli elections, whether through seats or the formation of a coalition government, one thing is for certain: Palestinians will be losing out,” writes Jordanian Naseem Tarawnah on the outcome of the Israeli elections.