· June, 2006

Stories about Israel from June, 2006

Israel: Eliyahu was killed

  29 June 2006

The body of the Israeli kidnapped youth Eliyahu Asheri was found overnight near Ramallah. It was devastating news for everybody in the Israeli blogsphere. Sarah never been to a funeral in Israel before, but she decided to attended this funeral. She wrote a post describing it. Aussie Dave has an...

Israel: Major Israeli websites hacked

  28 June 2006

Hundreds of websites were damaged by hackers in recent hours, following the righteous IDF activity in Gaza to go in after one of her citizens. This is the largest, most concentrated attack on Israeli websites in recent years. More than 750 Israeli websites, on a number of different domains, were...

Israel: What Gilad's father is thinking

  26 June 2006

Commenting on the latest news coming from Israel, David Bogner writes: “Since hearing about yesterday's attack on an IDF position near Gaza in which two of our soldiers were killed and another taken hostage, I'm embarrassed to say that I've had few thoughts for the dead. Quite simply our government...

Israel: Life over the fence

  14 June 2006

The Jerusalem Gypsy asking a Palestinian friend if he will be at her daughter wedding, he said “Only if I'm not in jail” and told me he is up for a court hearing the day before her daughter's wedding. The reason? He invited two old friends of his, men in...

Poland: “Stalinist War Criminal” Extradition Order

J. Otto Pohl explains his support for an academic boycott of Israel: “The state of Israel currently harbors a number of Stalinist war criminals guilty of abusing, torturing and murdering innocent men, women and children in the Baltic States and Poland. Foremost among these criminals is Solomon Morel wanted for...

Global Food Blog Report # 20

  6 June 2006

We keep a database of delicious food blogs from all over the world, and make sure to follow their creations and stories every week. Being the blogoholic I am, I spend endless hours searching and blog-hopping trying to find new and interesting blogs to feature. We love to learn about...

This week in Israel: what goin’ on?

  6 June 2006

Well, it seems that not a lot of note is going on in Israel these days. That, at least, appears to be the tacit consensus of the Israeli blogosphere. In the absence of major events like elections, suicide bombings and important holidays, local bloggers are turning to more prosaic issues....

Israel: 666!

  5 June 2006

On Tuesday, many people around the world will wake up to a calendar number date that has been one of dread and apocalyptic connotation since it first appeared in the beginning centuries of the Common Era, EB said.