· August, 2006

Stories about Israel from August, 2006

Russian-Language Blogs: Miscellanea (3)

  29 August 2006

Israeli blogger pilka writes (RUS) about a surreal experience of eating next to three clowns at a hospital in the wartime Haifa: […] I had breakfast with clowns today. I work at the children's department, okay? So strange, a clown on the right, a clown on the left, a vegetable...

Global Food Blog Report #29

  28 August 2006

#1: Maika's Blog on Haitian Food: "Griot" (pronounced: greee-yo ) a popular Haitian original.  Which is fried pork shoulder accompanied with a spicy hot as habanero cole slaw like condiment called “Picklese” (s pronounced like a z).  And served with a side of fried flatten green plaintain "bunan passe" (...

Palestine: Palestinians must be ready for November 3

  22 August 2006

In preparation for the mid-term congressional elections in the US on November 2, a wise Palestinian strategy would be to remove all possible contentious issues that can be used as excuses by Israel not to engage directly and seriously with the Palestinian side, from November 3 on, Daoud Kuttab Said.

Israel: Assessment at 08:00

  14 August 2006

Will the ceasefire hold? Maybe, maybe not, but the more meaningful question is whether the other clauses in the latest UN Security Council Resolution 1701 will be implemented, David Lisbona said.

Israel: Embarrassed!

  14 August 2006

Batya is embarrassed. “It's bad enough that I know that the government is setting us up for disaster, but now I'm getting emails from people who are reporting that American talk shows are saying the same thing. Nobody can understand why Israel agreed to something that so totally endangers us!“

Iran: Ahmadinejad is Blogging!

  13 August 2006

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Iranian President has started his own blog in four languages. In his first post he talks about his life. On his blog the following question is asked: Do you think that the US and Israeli intention and goal by attacking Lebanon is pulling the trigger for another world...

The Week That Was in Bahrain

  13 August 2006

Bahrain's Internet scene witnessed what could be described this week as ‘no step forward and 10 steps backwards!’ On Monday, newspapers reported that the Kingdom would ban Google Earth. ‘(T)he Ministry of DISinformation has instructed the Bahrain Internet Exchange to block Google Earth. Possibly because through Google Earth, the whole...

Breastfeeding Day and Indonesian Minister Blog on Middle-East Conflict

  12 August 2006

When citizen journalists or ‘ordinary’ bloggers are making political statements on current Middle East conflicts between Israel and Lebanon, they are usually talking with their hearts. They write whatever they want to write without any consideration of impacts. But when a minister of the largest Muslim country in the world...

Israel: Face to Face

  10 August 2006

Well, face to face it is, and the question before all of us, particularly government and military leaders, is whether reserve forces, who only a few days before were sitting in their high tech offices and work stations, or relaxing after completing final examinations at the country’s colleges and universities,...

Israel: The big offensive

  9 August 2006

It's clearly begun. The big offensive. Channel 2 news just did its midnight update. The defense correspondent was reporting live from Metulla on the northern border… He did say, though, that it sounded “very aggressive.” allisonks Said. Shortly after the blogger prayed for minimal IDF casualties and as few innocent...

Palestine: Rafah's Remains after “Summer Rains”

  7 August 2006

The military withdrew from Rafah yesterday, early morning and returned yesterday night and are now present at the airport and the outskirts of Rafah. The destruction that they have left behind since last Thursday, August 3rd, consists of 13 killed, including three children one of which was a three day-old...

Morocco: Moroccan Jews accuse Peretz as war criminal

  7 August 2006

Three Moroccan Jews in have asked a Moroccan court to charge Israel’s defense minister with war crimes. The three Jews, all known as leading leftists in Morocco, said Amir Peretz, Israel’s Moroccan-born defense minister, is still subject to Moroccan law, Samir said.

Israel: Fleeing toward Jerusalem

  7 August 2006

During the last intifada, those of us in Jerusalem had the dubious “honor” of being in the middle of the conflict. Buses and cafes were blowing up, and Israelis in other areas were often too afraid to come to the capital. Now the situation is reversed, and people from the...

Palestine: A Cultural Boycott of Israel

  7 August 2006

Palestinian filmmakers, artists and cultural workers are leading a call for a cultural boycott of Israel. In light of the recent escalation of Israeli attacks against Lebanon and the Palestinians in Gaza, Palestinian artists are initiating a mass movement to isolate Israel. It is aimed at giving Israel the same...

The week that was in Bahrain

  6 August 2006

After almost a month of continuous bombing, most of Bahrain's bloggers have strayed away from covering Lebanon and Palestine and turned their attention to home affairs – except for Sabbah, who continues to provide blanket coverage of the atrocities being committed against Arabs in the occupied territories. He even posts...

Ukraine: Victor Yushchenko the Anti-Hero (Or Not)

  5 August 2006

Victor Yanukovych is Ukraine's new prime minister, and it looks like the president, Victor Yushchenko, is the nation's new “anti-hero.” At least, this is what LJ user didaio concludes (UKR) after reading through the recent posts of his fellow-bloggers: Before August 2, the only problem with my friend list was...