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Stories about Israel from April, 2009

Israel: Gay Couples to Wed at Pride Parade

  30 April 2009

The Israeli website Go Gay [Hebrew] is seeking a gay and a lesbian couple to wed during Tel Aviv's 11th annual Pride Parade on June 12th, 2009. Tel Aviv Fever reports that this will be the first public gay wedding in Israel, and perhaps the world.

Israel: Praying for War No More

  30 April 2009

Israeli blogger David Bogner of Treppenwitz reflects on the nation's Day of Remembrance. “Israel’s national anthem… is called ‘HaTikva’- literally, ‘The Hope’… The words speak about 2000 years of longing to live as a free nation in our homeland. As an Israeli, and as a father, I can’t promise… but...

Israel: Arab and Jew Represent Israel at Eurovision Contest

  30 April 2009

Israeli Arab Mira Awad and Israeli Jew Avinoam Nini will represent Israel in the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest with “There Must Be Another Way,” sung in Hebrew and Arabic. Awad's performance will be the first time an Israeli Arab has represented Israel in the Eurovision contest. Daniel Lubetsky of the...

Israel: No Swine Flu

  27 April 2009

Times Online religion correspondent Ruth Gledhill calls for help from Jewish readers on why the swine flu cannot be named after the non-kosher meat in Israel here.

Global Health: Swine Flu Threat Spreads Worldwide

  27 April 2009

Confirmed or suspected cases of swine flu, which was detected in Mexico earlier this month, have now been found in at least seven other countries around the world. The World Health Organization says that this outbreak constitutes a "public health emergency of international concern."

Iran: Israeli Oranges surprised people

  24 April 2009

Several news sites and blogs reported that Israeli oranges in Tehran's shops made many people surprised. Ilna, a semi official news agency, reported [fa] the Iranian authorities will stop the distribution of these oranges.

MENA: Reflections on Durban II

  22 April 2009

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's speech, and the way European Union representatives reacted to it at the United Nations Conference on Racism in Geneva (Durban II), has stirred debates among bloggers across the Middle East. Eman AbdElRahman sums up reactions in this post.

Bahrain: Submissions for Bitfilm Open

  22 April 2009

Mideast Youth has been named a partner in the Bitfilm Festival for Digital Film and New Media, which will be Hamburg and Tel Aviv, writes the site's Bahraini founder Esra'a. The deadline for submissions is July 1.

Israel: Reflections on the Holocaust Memorial Day and Durban II

  21 April 2009

Yesterday was the national holocaust memorial day in Israel. Coincidentally, it was also the opening day of the highly contested UN Durban II conference on racism in Geneva. Gilad Lotan updates us with reactions from Israeli bloggers, who link both occasions.

Morocco: On “Jewish Morocco”

  19 April 2009

Morocco has a long relationship with Judaism; during the spread of the Roman empire, a number of Jews settled in what is modern-day Morocco. Over time, relations between Morocco's majority Muslim population and its small Jewish population have ranged from very good to heavily strained. Following the creation of the state of Israel, the vast majority of Morocco's Jews emigrated (approximately 15% of Israeli Jews are in fact of Moroccan descent), however, approximately 7,000 Jews reside in Morocco today. Moroccans are often quick to point out that the king's top adviser, André Azoulay, is Jewish.

Israel: What Happens when IDF Soldiers Testimonials are Taken Out of Context

  18 April 2009

On March 19th, Israeli daily Ha'aretz published a report describing the alleged incidents in a closed-door meeting of Israeli soldiers at a military prep program, where they described multiple accounts of immoral orders and actions taken by the Israeli military during the recent Gaza operation ‘Cast Lead'. Their testimony runs counter to the IDF claim that Israeli troops observed a high level of moral behavior during the operation, but falls in line with stories coming from Palestinians, describing multiple Israeli war crimes in Gaza.

Israel: Reflecting on Israeli-Palestinian Relations

  17 April 2009

The mood in the Israeli blogosphere is contemplative. Perhaps it is the conclusion of the Passover holiday that celebrates freedom from oppression or just that Israelis have had quiet time to spend with their families, but a number of posts about relationships between Israelis and Palestinians have recently dotted the blogosphere's landscape.

Iran:AlHomat, Pro- Hizbollah site hacked

  17 April 2009

According to[fa] Shafaf,AlHomat, a site in Persian that supports Lebanese Hizbollah and promotes it among Iranians, ‘was hacked by Israeli hackers’. Some Islamist bloggers criticized Iranian government for its lack of support concerning AlHomat.

Israel: Can Yoga and Judaism Coexist?

  16 April 2009

There are potential problems for Jews who want to study yoga, but even its Buddhist teachings and Hindu chants can be justified as humanistic values and modified accordingly. “Hey, whatever floats your boat,” Israelity jests. “We’ve heard of kosher cell phones and kosher sex, so kosher yoga? Why not.”

Israel: Celebrating Freedom While Serving Army Duty

  16 April 2009

Yoav, a soldier in the Israel Defense Forces, writes about celebrating the Passover holiday while on duty. Passover celebrates the freedom of the Jews from oppression. He blogs: “Only when celebrating the festival of freedom, while wearing a uniform and holding a gun, you can understand the importance of IDF's...

Israel: Palestinian Photographer's Death Still Unresolved

  16 April 2009

The death of 23-year old Palestinian photographer Fadel Shana at the hands of the Israel Defense Forces remains unresolved one year later, Dion Nissenbaum of Checkpoint Jerusalem reports. The case is currently under investigation by the United Nations.

Israel: Sandstorm Photos

  16 April 2009

Check out The Sandman's photos of Israel's recent sandstorm for a palpable sense of what it feels like to be in the midst of one.

Syria: Killing the Intifada

  16 April 2009

“On this day Khalil al Wazir fell under a hail of bullets as an Israeli death squad attacked his home in Tunis. The Zionist state mistakenly believed that by killing him they would kill the Palestinian Intifada but, more than twenty years later, the Palestinian people are still resisting,” writes...

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