· October, 2006

Stories about Israel from October, 2006

Israel: For a New, Better Reality

  17 October 2006

While the government sinks deeper and deeper in the quagmire that is the aftermath of the second Lebanon war, something is surprisingly and notably missing. Why do we hardly hear anything from Binyamin Nethanyahu, why doesn't his complacent face appear daily on our television screens and on the frontpages of...

Israel: Immigration

12 October 2006

Katherine explains how it is that her one-year trip to Israel turned, almost by accident, into immigration.

Arabisc: Ramadan, War, Freedom and Other Issues

  12 October 2006

With all Muslim countries marking the Holy Month of Ramadan, UAE blogger Bin Kerishan, wonders why people fast. كل العبادات تسبب للانسان الاما و معاناه كالحج و الصلاه و الصيام و الاخير من اقساها و اكثرها ضررا على صحته.. لماذا لا يكون الطقس الديني مسليا؟ كالذهاب لملاقاة الاصدقاء في المقهى...

Israel: Yom Kippur, Tel Aviv Style!

  2 October 2006

Yael went to the Kol Nidre service last night with some friends, but left after about an hour. It was so not happening. In New York, London, and anywhere else she've been to Yom Kippur services and the places were packed to the gills. This beit-knesset was one of many...