· March, 2009

Stories about Israel from March, 2009

Israel/Palestine: Photos from Both Sides

  31 March 2009

American blogger Cory Driver of 32n5w, who as a Peace Corps Volunteer became an honorary member of the Moroccan blogosphere, has posted a series of photos from a recent observation trip to Israel.  Of his trip, the blogger stated: “So, i was officially on a tour of Palestinian deprivation and...

Palestine: Commemorating Land Day

  30 March 2009

March 30 is Land Day, on which Palestinians everywhere, but especially those within Israel, commemorate the day in 1976 when six unarmed Palestinian citizens of Israel were killed by the Israeli army and police during protests against land expropriation. The day has become a way to mark the struggle of the Palestinians to hold onto their land, when demonstrations take place as well as other events. Palestinian and pro-Palestinian bloggers around the world have observed the occasion.

Palestine: The Changing Face of Jerusalem

  30 March 2009

Ned, who lives in Ramallah, writes about the changes he has seen taking place in Jerusalem: “Israel is clearly trying to change the whole face of Jerusalem, making it more Jewish than it has ever been. In the process, thousands of Arabs are losing their right to live in the...

Israel: A Letter to Bernard Kouchner

  30 March 2009

Dr Hatim Kanaaneh has written an open letter to Bernard Kouchner, French foreign minister: “The news that you have preemptively spoken against any official objection to the expected appointment of Avigdor Lieberman to the post of Foreign Minister of Israel distresses me. … (As) a Palestinian citizen of Israel…Mr. Lieberman...

Palestine: Testimonies Regarding Israeli War Crimes in Gaza

  26 March 2009

Bloggers in Gaza have not been surprised by the testimonies of Israeli soldiers documenting war crimes they committed or witnessed during the recent attacks on Gaza - or by any of the other stories now being reported regarding the Israeli military's conduct.

Israel: The Language of Taxis

  24 March 2009

Rasha Helwa, who is a Palestinian citizen of Israel living in Acre (and describes herself as living in Palestine), has written a series of short posts at her blog Zaghroda about her thoughts when taking shared taxis, and on the significance of the language - Arabic or Hebrew - that the driver chooses to use.

Israel Boasts Top Researchers in Medical Marijuana

  24 March 2009

Caught with cannabis in Israel? It may very well go to a good use. Israelity reveals that Israel has one of the top medical marijuana programs in the world, treating pain associated with cancer, HIV, Crohn's disease, multiple sclerosis, and post-traumatic stress syndrome, with the narcotic.

Israel: World Leader in Water Technology Solutions

  24 March 2009

Israel is the world leader in water technology solutions with 75 per cent of sewage water recycled for agricultural use. Israeli water technologies are exported to more than 100 countries worldwide. Jonathan Shapira of Cleantech Investing in Israel and Jacob Richman of Good News from Israel have the story.

Israel: Boxes Containing Treats Blocked From Entering Gaza

  24 March 2009

Jam, biscuits, date bars, tea, sweets, and tomato paste are among the foodstuffs that Israel blocked from entering Gaza, Eva of Israel reports on Mideast Youth. Over 3,000 boxes were denied entry and all boxes containing these items will be detained in the future.

Israel: The Pomegranate

  23 March 2009

Hatam Kanaaneh, who blogs at A Doctor in Galilee, writes about the pomegranate: “Rumman – Arabic for pomegranate, originally the Pharonic name for the Iranian native fruit – has a special romantic ring to it in my heart.”

Israel: Youth Obsessed with American Culture

  21 March 2009

Read OneJerusalem's four-part series on Israeli youth's obsession with American culture to “find out what exactly it is about all of that junk from the States that makes young Israelis trade in their Arik Einstein for Hootie and the Blowfish.”

Israel: Learning to Drive

  21 March 2009

Brian of This Normal Life writes about the cultural differences between Israelis and Americans on the road and his son's new driving license. “But 17…that’s the year you transcend being a mere passenger to taking command of a 3,000 pound metal death machine and hurtling it through – and against...

Egypt: Petition for Gaza

  20 March 2009

Egyptian Chronicles urges her readers to sign an online international petition to the UN General Assembly to set up a special international penal court to try Israeli war crimes, notably in the Gaza Strip.

Israel: Plant to Farmer – “I'm Thirsty, Water Me”

  18 March 2009

“Come on, admit it, sometimes you just have to love Israel,” urges Jewlicious. Israeli researchers have developed sensors for plants that will send text messages to farmers when their water levels get low. Developed for commercial use, the devices are intended to decrease agricultural water costs by 50 percent.

Israel: Renovations Transform Yaffo (Jaffa)

  18 March 2009

“Every few weeks I take a bike ride through Yaffo (or Jaffa or Yafa) Tel Aviv's much older and much neglected sister, to watch it is changing before my eyes,” writes Tel Aviv Rooftop. Visit the blog to see photos and read descriptions of the city's renovation.