· September, 2005

Stories about Israel from September, 2005

Israel: Widening Campaign

  30 September 2005

Smooth writes a letter to Muslim and Christian Palestinian Neighbors and says: “Your society has made virtually no effort to understand our narrative. Instead, you have developed what can be called a “culture of denial,” that denies the most basic truths of the Jewish story.”

Israel: The Golden Calf

22 September 2005

Is the modern State of Israel somehow a Golden Calf? Brad Brooks-Rubin's wonders whether some in the current Zionist movement actually “support” and “defend” Israel to the extent that they actually promote idolatry of Israel.

South Africa: A Tale of Two Cities

  21 September 2005

Dialogue-South Africa posts a speech drawing parallels between the struggle against apartheid and the situation in Israel/Palestine, saying that “we South Africans have a unique perspective on this issue.”

Israel: Sharon's Re-election Campaign

19 September 2005

Dave says that Sharon is now “campaigning” for re-election in the area of Israel that, Dave suppose, matters the most: the United States. Why? He says, because that’s how people win elections in the new century, they campaign in a totally different country. And that demographic that he is targeting...

Israel: Dangerous Pop Stars

14 September 2005

Abu Aardvark writes that an official Israeli report denounced Nancy Ajram, Haifa Wehbi, Maria and other Lebanese popstars as posing a destructive and serious threat to the Israeli state because of their “political activities which have great influence in the Arab world due to their great popularity.”

Israel: BBC Bias

13 September 2005

Mark Elf of Jews sans frontieres writes about the BBC's pro-Israel biased reporting over the Middle East conflict.

Israel: Educational System

7 September 2005

Ze'ev Orenstein of Israel Perspectives blog writes that the greatest threat being posed to the Jewish State of Israel today are not only “Palestinians”, demography and a nuclear Iran, but the inability of its educational system to produce proud, caring and knowledgeable Jews. Jews. A system where the average Jewish...

Israel: Divest from Palestine

  2 September 2005

Smooth Stone is asking people to join the Campaign to Divest from “Palestine”, which goal is to pressure the entity calling itself “Palestine” to respect the human rights of the Israeli people, Smooth Stone says.