· January, 2006

Stories about Israel from January, 2006

Israel: Tel Aviv sandwich shop explosion

19 January 2006

Over the last two weeks the Israeli government and media had been doing their best to cover the news of the Jewish families living in Hevron. Today a Palestinian bomber once again blew himself up in a crowd. Islamic Jihad today demonstrated a terror act by dispatching a suicide bomber...

Israel: Imagine!

16 January 2006

You know what is makin’ me mad? Anyone and everything that has to do with the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is makin’ me mad. That includes Palestinians, Israelis, Jordanians, Egyptians, Lebanese, Syrians . . .oh, fine, the entire Middle East . . . the cocky-headed United Nations, the EU, Canada, the United...

Israel: Red Lines

13 January 2006

It was only a matter of time before one of our kids demanded access to what may be the most rebellious, dangerous and terrifying activities known to parents in Israel. In this case, the culprit in question was twelve-year-old Merav, and her act of teenage defiance? She wanted to ride...

Israel: The Tenth of Tevet

10 January 2006

While Muslims celebrate today the first day of Eid ul-Adha, Imshin says that observant Jews fast today in memory of Nebuchadnezzar King of Babylon's two and a half year siege on Jerusalem, which commenced 2594 years ago today.