· February, 2011

Stories about Israel from February, 2011

Israel: A Music Video Celebrating Egypt's New Freedom

  14 February 2011

A group of Israeli indie musicians have gathered to create a song, entitled Children of Liberty, expressing their support of the Egyptian people's newly acquired freedom, and have a “toast” to new neighbors, human rights and equality in both countries.

East Jerusalem: Sheikh Jarrah is renamed Tahrir Square by activists

  4 February 2011

The weekly solidarity march of Palestinian and Israeli activists in the East Jerusalem Neighborhood of Sheikh Jarrah this morning, was marked by a solidarity protest with the people of Egypt. Protesters carried an Egyptian flag and changed the name of Shaikh Jarrah garden to Tahrir Square. Click for photo

Israel: Jews should be banned from learning Arabic

  4 February 2011

Arab-Israeli author and Journalist Sayed Kashua wrote a humorous yet sharp column targeting the Israeli narrow view point on the events in Egypt: “I used to think one of the troubles with this place, where people are always buzzing about humanism and accepting others, was the lack of knowledge of...

Israel: Why this Israeli is so invested in Egypt?

  4 February 2011

Emily L. Hauser writes memories from Cairo as she prays for the Egyptian people: “I know that the Egyptians don’t love the peace that Sadat signed with us. I know that they hate the occupation, distrust Israel and the US because of it, are prone to believing mildly (and not-so-mildly)...