· August, 2005

Stories about Israel from August, 2005

Israel: Blogging

29 August 2005

Tikun Olam wonders, Blogging and Blog Comments: Freedom to Say Anything or Civil Discourse?

Israel/Palestine: Gaza Disengagement

  22 August 2005

In her attempt to revisit the issue of house demolitions, to speak again with the thousands of Palestinian who lost their homes in Rafah all in the name of security for the settlers, Lila of A Mother from Gaza Blog discovers that Abo Holi (Israeli checkpoint inside Gaza) is closed,...

Breaking News: Katyusha Rocket Attack on Aqaba and Eilat

  19 August 2005

Katyusha rocket explosion has occurred in the Jordanian Red Sea port of Aqaba, and authorities said that explosions were heard in a restricted US military zone of the Port of Aqaba in Jordan. Dubai-based Al-Arabiya TV said a U.S. naval ship was in the vicinity of the blast in Aqaba,...

Gaza disengagement first reaction

  16 August 2005

A day since the disengagement from Gaza started, this is some of what is going on the Israeli/Palestinian Blogsphere: On the Israeli side: Smooth Stone writes a A message to the world and says: Well, sadly, the evil deed is done. The Jewish men, women and children of Gush Katif...

Israel: Disengagement

15 August 2005

In israpundit, Daniel Pipes writes that the Israeli government's removal of its own citizens from Gaza ranks as one of the worst errors ever made by a democracy. Imshin says that there are reports that settlers have smuggled hundreds of army and police uniforms into the Gaza Strip and that...

Israel: A week before the withdrawal

11 August 2005

A week before the withdrawal from Gaza is to begin, Robert Rosenberg summaries the political, military and economical steps taking place from both side (Israeli and Palestinians).

Israel: Letter to NY Times

11 August 2005

Shiloh Musings writes a letter to NY Times expressing her disappointment because they omitted mentioning of last night massive prayer rally at the Western Wall, Old City of Jerusalem against Sharon‘s Disengagement Plan.