· August, 2008

Stories about Israel from August, 2008

Lebanon: Israel threatens while Syria seeks to buy arms

  24 August 2008

"What’s cooking?" is probably the most common question people in Lebanon are asking since Israel Environment Minister Gideon Ezra’s speech few days ago and the recent news of the Russian-Syrian arms deal. Last week, Minister Ezra said that the Lebanese state will be considered a target if it legitimizes Hizbullah (which the Lebanese government did). On the other hand, Russia has announced that it is ready to sell new weapons to Syria. What do Lebanon's bloggers have to ay about those developments?

MENA: Refused Gaza Fulbright students speak

  22 August 2008

A few weeks a group of students from the Gaza Strip who were due to go to the United States on Fulbright scholarships had their visas revoked at the last moment. Two of the students who were denied the chance to pursue their studies have since written heartfelt letters pleading their case.

China: Keeping It Kosher at the Olympic Games

  15 August 2008

If you've ever been to China (or a traditional Chinese restaurant), you know that eating kosher according to the rules of religious Judaism is near impossible. Tiffany Sameyah of Jewneric reports that despite the best efforts of the rabbis, kosher food may not be available due to security rulings by...

Jordan: Arabic Harry Potter Banned in Israel

  12 August 2008

The Arabic version of the Harry Potter series is banned in Israel, reports The Black Iris, from Jordan. According to news sources, the ban is based on a decree from 1939 – when the area was under British mandate – prohibiting the importation of books from countries that are at...

Blogger of the Week: Gilad Lotan

  10 August 2008

An artist, programmer and technology explorer, Gilad Lotan has been giving Global Voices Online's readers routine insights into the Hebrew blogosphere since May 2007, covering Israel, where arguments get heated and emotions over the Israeli-Palestinian conflict run high. How does this 30 year old manage? How does he select the conversations he wants to cover and why? Also, what are his other interests? Learn more about Gilad Lotan in this week's Blogger of the Week interview.

MENA: Visas of Fulbright scholars revoked

  9 August 2008

Earlier this week three Palestinians, recipients of prestigious Fulbright scholarships to study in the United States, had their visas revoked by the US, preventing them from taking up the scholarships. A fourth, a high-school student on a separate programme, was also stopped. Yet two and a half months ago, US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice had personally intervened to make sure that the grant winners would be able to go. Why the last-minute change of heart? Bloggers from around the Middle East have a number of theories.

MENA: Obama's Muslim Outreach Coordinator Resigns

  8 August 2008

Mazen Asbahi, the attorney who had volunteered as Barack Obama's outreach coordinator to Muslim and Arab-Americans, has resigned after accusations of ties to Jamal Said, an imam at a fundamentalist mosque in Illinois. Asbahi briefly sat on the board of Allied Assets Advisors Fund with Said in 2000. Bloggers from the Middle East react in this post from Jillian York.

Environment: Recycling Beach Waste

  6 August 2008

Karen Chernick writes at the Green Prophet blog, about the initiative to clean up the beach and recycle plastic waste, an initiative of major beverage companies in Israel.

Israel: Stories and Personal Opinions on Obama's Visit

  4 August 2008

Obama's recent visit to Israel was certainly a hot topic across Israeli media, which acknowledges the Democratic candidate for taking all necessary steps to mark his stance - clearly showing that he will continue to be a close friend and ally to Israel. Gilad Lotan reports on the latest buzz from the Israeli blogosphere.

Israel: Traffic Awareness for Muslims

  1 August 2008

From Israel, Not a Fish writes about a traffic course for non-Jewish residents in Israel – aimed at reducing road accidents. A total of 250 Muslim clergymen attended a day of lectures on child safety, accident prevention and the Muslim belief in fate versus personal responsibility. Since the beginning of...