· December, 2006

Stories about Israel from December, 2006

Israel: Settler and Settlement

  25 December 2006

Yisrael Medad says that he opposed the term “settler” and “settlement” from the beginning, preferring his own term -“revenant” and “Jewish community”. Find out why he hate these terms.

Israel: Rachel Corrie's Legacy Lives On

  6 December 2006

“Despite the murder of Rachel Corrie almost three years ago in Gaza, international volunteers continue to arrive in Palestine to help bring justice to the people living there. These are wonderful, brave young people who have no fear for their lives, standing up to the very forces that killed Rachel,”...

Israel: U.S. aid to Israel

  6 December 2006

“What do we get from the United States? What is this aid? And what are the conditions? A high percentage are loans, and of the “aid” most must be spent in the United States. This strengthens the Unites States economy, weakens Israel's military industries and gives the US the tools...

Israel: Municipal employees strike update

  6 December 2006

“Last week's strike was over quickly after promises were made by the government offices, to transfer money to the municipalities who have not been paying their employees’ salaries for many months now due to their dire financial situation. Some municipalities indeed paid, but the majority never received money and 12.000...