· March, 2011

Stories about Bahrain from March, 2011

Bahrain: A Friday of Rage Dispersed with Tear Gas

  25 March 2011

Protesters around Bahrain defied a gatherings law and turned out in masses for rallies around the kingdom dubbed as The Friday of Rage. Protesters were attacked by tear gas - and some say rubber bullets. Here's a round up of reactions from social networking sites.

Arab World: The Arab Tyrant Manual

  23 March 2011

The Arab Tyrant Manual is out, and is being tweeted as I type. On Twitter, Iyad Elbaghdadi is repeating all the excuses we have heard from the governments of Arab countries which have had protests calling for regime change and reforms since the Tunisian uprising at the end of 2010. Although they sound like one liners from a comic strip, they still get support from people on the ground.

Bahrain: Expats’ Part to Play

  21 March 2011

Like all GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) member states, Bahrain depends greatly on foreign workforce especially from South Asian countries in both high and low level jobs. According to the Bahrain 2010 census, the expat community makes a slight majority with 51 per cent of Bahrain's 1.2 million strong population. An Indian expatriate shares her thoughts in this post.

Bahrain: A Video Timeline of Police Brutality

  20 March 2011

As international media focus shifts toward Libya and the rapidly unfolding events there, Bahrain government is unleashing a violent assault on pro-democracy protesters. Amid the media blackout, citizens are taking their cameras out and capturing the violence the state-run media is carefully concealing.

Bahrain: Journalists Denied Entry at the Airport

  19 March 2011

Bahrain awoke to a violent crackdown by police on demonstrators camped out at the country's iconic Lulu (Pearl) roundabout on Wednesday. That afternoon, Omar Chatriwala boarded a flight from Doha, Qatar, to Bahrain, in part to see what was unfolding in the island nation he once called home. Hours later, he was deported - just like many reporters not allowed into the country to cover the unrest.

Bahrain: Police and Military Clear Protesters in Manama (Videos)

  16 March 2011

This post is part of our special coverage of Bahrain Protests 2011. On Wednesday March 16th, a day after the King of Bahrain announced a State of National Security, police forces dispersed protesters from Pearl (Lulu) Roundabout by tear gas. Military forces were also on the scene in Manama but...

Bahrain: A Full-Scale Attack

  16 March 2011

Protesters at Bahrain's Pearl (Lulu) Roundabout were dispersed early this morning, as military and police forces have waged a full-scale attack on them.

Bahrain: Bloody Crackdowns on Villages

  16 March 2011

On Tuesday, before King Hamad bin Isa Al-Khalifa announced a State of National Security giving powers to the army and other forces to secure the country, police carried out crackdowns across a number of villages in the central area in Bahrain.

Bahrain: State of National Security Called

  15 March 2011

On Tuesday March 15, 2011, one month after protests started on the February 14 in Bahraini capital Manama, His Highness King Hamad bin Isa Al-Khalifa announced a State of National Security, giving full power to the army to protect national security.

Bahrain: Letter from a Blogger, as Saudi Troops Enter

  14 March 2011

Hundreds of troops from Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates arrived in Bahrain on Monday to help the government quell protests. Television news is saying nothing about what will happen, and many fear the worst. Here is a letter from a Bahraini blogger.

Bahrain: Hit and Run at Protest

  7 March 2011

During Monday afternoon's protest at the Bahrain Financial Harbour, a hit and run incident occurred in which three protesters were injured. On Twitter, the discussion continued well into the night on what happened, with different people suggesting various scenarios. Later at night, videos were circulated showing how the accident happened.

Bahrain: The One Dinar Protest

  7 March 2011

Protesters in Bahrain are gathering outside the Bahrain Financial Harbour (BFH), waving one Bahraini dinar (US$ 2.6) notes and chanting for the overthrow of the government. The protest comes days after a purchase agreement which shows that Bahrain's Prime Minister bought the land the BFH was built on for one dinar was shown at a rally held in Pearl (Lulu) Roundabout, the epicentre of anti-government protests since February 14, 2011.

Arab World: Bloggers Compete for Arabisk Competition

  7 March 2011

Arab bloggers are vying for the Best of the Arabic Blogs Awards, Arabisk, which is now in the judging phase of the competition. The top 20 nominations in four categories are being judged now, and the competition results will be announced at the beginning of April. Haifa Al Rasheed has more on the competition.

Bahrain: When Geeks Protest

  5 March 2011

On Saturday a group of IT specialists held a anti government rally raising “geeky” signs and slogans. Tweep Jalal Al-Jazeeri @JTheIslander, an IT geek himself, was on location and tweeted these photos showing some of the most creative signs.

Bahrain: Hamad Town Fight Sparks Rumours and Sectarianism

  4 March 2011

On Thursday night, a fight broke out in Hamad Town, southwest of Manama, between youths which later escalated to larger numbers with reports saying over 200 joined the fight using wood blocks, metal bars, knives and even swords. Here is how the incident played out on social media platforms.

Bahrain: Schools Break Out in Protest (Videos)

  2 March 2011

A number of secondary (high) schools broke out into anti-government protests across Bahrain on Tuesday March 1. Both boys' and girls' schools in Isa Town, Hamad Town and Jidhafs marched out of their schools in the middle of the school day in support of protesters camping at Pearl (Lulu) Roundabout.