· October, 2007

Stories about Bahrain from October, 2007

Bahrain: Three Journalists Fined

  29 October 2007

Bahraini blogger Abduljalil Al Singace links to a Reporters Without Borders article about the fining of three journalists sued for comments which appeared in an online publication.

Bahrain: Helping Iraqis

  25 October 2007

Bahraini blogger Dawood is thinking of ways of helping Iraqi widows and orphans in this post.

Bahrain: The times they are a-changin'…

  22 October 2007

Many of Bahrain's bloggers are either lamenting or advocating change of one kind or another this week, whether concerning family celebrations, employment practices, political priorities – or even footwear, writes Ayesha Saldanha, in her latest round up of the Bahraini blogosphere.

Bahrain: Eid Mubarak

  11 October 2007

“(L)et me wish you all a very good, healthy, peaceful and prosperous Eid enjoyed with your kith and kin. Spare a thought too to those less fortunate and try to make their Eid enjoyable too,” writes Bahraini blogger Mahmood Al Yousif.

Bahrain: Getting Ready for Eid

  11 October 2007

“Yes, another Ramadan has come and went, and Eid is very nearly upon us. Everywhere seems to be busy; the shops are full at night with people rushing the last few minutes to buy their new Eid clothes,” writes Bahraini blogger Ammaro, who describes the scene at this time of...

Morocco: Looking inward, looking outward

  10 October 2007

An inflammatory post about Moroccans in the Gulf by a popular Moroccan blogger ignites a debate all over the world - Jillian York has the story on who's saying what.