· September, 2011

Stories about Bahrain from September, 2011

Bahrain: Protests on Election Eve

  25 September 2011

Protesters in Bahrain tried returning to Pearl Square, the centre of massive protests against the regime in February, on the eve of election night. Over two days, the unarmed protesters were pushed back to villages, where security forces continued to battle them until the early hours of this morning.

Arab World: Remembering September 11

  11 September 2011

Twitter users from across the Arab world paid tribute to the 3,000 victims of September 11 as the world recalled the horrors committed by Al Qaeda terrorists who flew four passenger jets into buildings in the US 10 years ago.

Bahrain: Medical Staff Released After Hunger Strike

  8 September 2011

Bahrain yesterday released doctors and medical personnel who have been behind bars since March 2011, after increased international condemnation and a series of hunger strikes by supporters inside and outside the country. Mona Kareem reports.