· October, 2005

Stories about Bahrain from October, 2005

Bahrain: 2006 F1 Kick Off

27 October 2005

Bahrain International Circuit (BIC) would officially kick off the 2006 FIA Formula One World Championship season, Mahmood reports.

Bahrain: Mehlis Report

25 October 2005

manama-republic wonders: “Given the pervasive technical and human assets both the US and Israel have in Lebanon and in & around Damascus, is it conceivable that such an extensive operation could pass from planning to communicating (over mobile phones) to diabolic implementation over several months and by so multitude of...

Bahrain: Bahraini Citizenship

20 October 2005

Zainab Alkhawaja says that getting a citizenship should be about being Bahraini, not about the kings interests.

Bahrain: Corruption Perceptions Index

18 October 2005

Abdulhadi Khalaf of Jaddwilliam2 writes that scoring 5.8 out of 10 , Bahrain is percieved by business community as less ‘corrupt’ than Kuwait and Saudi Arabia but percieved more ‘corrupt’ Oman, Qatar and the UAE. The complete data and explanatory material is available at The Internet Center for Corruption Research.

Bahrain Film Festival 2005

17 October 2005

From Mahmood's Blog: The Bahrain Cinema Club in Association with Al-Ayam 13th Cultural Festival cordially invite you to the opening of Bahrain Film Days at 9pm on October 18th at the International Exhibition Centre where the film “The Confession” will be screened by Bahraini director Bassam Al-Thawadi.

Interview with Haitham Sabbah

  10 October 2005

Our beloved Middle East/North Africa editor Haitham Sabbah was recently interviewed by Italian journalist Paola Caridi, who writes for news agency Lettera22. Their conversation focuses on some of the deep questions of the Middle Eastern blogosphere. Why do people blog – are reasons personal or political? Are blogs a method...

Bahrain: Where is Bahrain?

5 October 2005

Zainab on a trip to Madison, she meets someone: “where are you guys from?” I said “Bahrain” The guy said “OHHHHHHHHH Bahrain” “You KNOW Bahrain??” “Yes…” “Really??” I was still in shock “Yes, thats where Michael Jackson is, isn't it”

Bahrain: Ramadan Start

4 October 2005

Ramadan start and end was always a huge dispute between Muslim countries. Even worse between Muslims in the same country. As Mahmood says, it is always depending on where you come from, your ethnicity and your political affiliation. Read the example of Bahrain.