· December, 2010

Stories about Bahrain from December, 2010

Egypt: Sacred Sinai Peninsula

  22 December 2010

The following narrative on the Sinai Peninsula by Nick still exhibits people's eternal interest and curiosity in sacred places.

Bahrain: A Bloody Ashura!

  22 December 2010

chowderchunk shares with us a video of bloody Ashura processions in Bahrain. [Warning: Video contains graphic images.]

Bahrain: Much Ado About An Ad That Says Nothing!

  15 December 2010

The short film, INFINITY, that had almost half a million viewers in two weeks and was supposed to be an advertisement for a telecommunication company in Bahrain says nothing about them! Beyond the wonderful illusion of play and adventure, lies turbulence where services and products are undermined, and a lack of credibility prevails, say netizens.

Bahrain: The Rise of Social Media

  2 December 2010

Bahraini Yacoob blogs about the trial of 25 Bahrainis, included two bloggers, accused of instigating violence against the state and spreading false information. He discusses the role of citizen journalists, following a gag order on the coverage of the trial.

Qatar: Jeers, Cheers as Country is Awarded 2022 World Cup

  2 December 2010

Qatar celebrates after FIFA awards the country World Cup 2022 bid - Internet responds with cheers and jeers for the tiny desert country's win over the US, Australia, South Korea and Japan. And Arab netizens join the celebration in a series of congratulatory tweets.