· October, 2008

Stories about Bahrain from October, 2008

Bahrain: Naked truth?

  17 October 2008

Maldita, a Filipina in Bahrain, wonders why anyone uses automatic translators; instead of “You are not worth anything” she got the translation “You do not have clothes“…

Bahrain: The Story of Shawarma

  12 October 2008

From Bahrain, Indonesian blogger Ian Hamzah posts a picture of a Shawarma plate, and explains the Middle Eastern style sandwich and its history.

Bahrain: Credit crunch explained

  11 October 2008

Bahraini blogger Evil Odd explains the credit crunch in simple terms: “There are three sheep in the farm. One carries inedible, infected meat. The other carries somewhat edible, but mostly tasteless meat. And the third carries what the rest of us know as good meat. The farmer realises that he...

Bahrain: The pleasures and perils of studying abroad

  11 October 2008

Although Bahrain has a number of universities, both government and private, many Bahrainis have the opportunity to go abroad to pursue undergraduate and postgraduate studies, often by means of scholarships. One of the first problems they face is that few people know where Bahrain is. In this post we hear about the experiences of three bloggers who have just gone abroad for higher studies, to Japan, Britain and the United States, and a fourth blogger who has been studying in India for some time.

Bahrain: I Want My Daughters to be Arrogant

  9 October 2008

From Bahrain, Mohammad Al-Ubaydli wants to teach his daughter how to be arrogant. “So for my daughters, it begins with teaching them to be as arrogant as men tend to be about their chances of success,” he observes.

Arabeyes: Here Comes the One-Eye Veil

  7 October 2008

From a veil which covers the face but allows women to show their two eyes, an Islamic scholar from Saudi Arabia is now calling for a veil which shows one eye only. Bloggers from the Arab world react.

Bahrain: Published Papers

  7 October 2008

Bahraini Mohammed Al-Ubaydli announces: “A proud day for me: not only is my brother’s new paper published, but it is also the first time that we have published in the same journal. (My own paper was from 2005.)”

Bahrain: Comedy without borders

  4 October 2008

Bahraini blogger Ammar, who runs the site Bahrain Talent, has just seen the Axis of Evil Comedy team perform in Bahrain – and was pleased that local comedians were able to hold their own on stage: “The act also introduced local talent; five comedians from Bahrain, unknown to most, but...

Bahrain: The other side of Eid

  1 October 2008

Bahraini blogger Cookie hates Eid, for one because it gives family members a chance to catch you and settle old scores; she says, “Prepare your speech of revenge with your clothes.”