· March, 2012

Stories about Bahrain from March, 2012

Bahrain: Tweeting Against Formula 1

  31 March 2012

As Bahrain gears up to host the Grand Prix, from April 20 to 22, netizens are rallying for the cancellation of the car race claiming that human rights violations are still continuing against protesters seeking more democratic rights in the Arab country. Mona Kareem sheds light on one Twitter campaign to draw attention to this.

Arab World: Happy Mother's Day – Tribute to Martyrs’ Mothers

  21 March 2012

The Arab world marks Mother's Day today, March 21. On social networking sites, netizens send out congratulations to their mothers on the day. They also remember the mothers of the thousands of martyrs killed by the authorities as they protested against dictatorship in this so-called Arab Spring.

Bahrain: When is a Molotov Cocktail Acceptable?

  19 March 2012

Marc Owen Jones collects videos allegedly showing Bahrain police forces throwing molotov cocktail (petrol bombs) at protesters and property in this post. Meanwhile, Bahrain has just charged 28 civilians with “attempted murder” for throwing molotov cocktails at policemen.

Bahrain: Massive Rally Against the Regime

  11 March 2012

A massive march in Bahrain on Friday 9 March, came to renew public demands against the tyranny of the Bahraini regime which has been implicated in the killings, arrests, corruption, oppression and discrimination of citizens, according to a fact-finding mission.

MENA: Which Salafist Movie Would You Watch?

  5 March 2012

Iraqi Lebanese blogger Karl Sharro decided to start a new hashtag where people tweet movie names after putting a Salafist flavour into them. And like most of the humuorous hashtags, this one got spread in no time, when Twitter users in different Arab countries started using it.