· November, 2006

Stories about Bahrain from November, 2006

Arabisc: Bahraini Elections, Dying Children and Confusing Freedom!

  27 November 2006

Bahrain held its second Parliamentary elections in its modern history this week, with about 300,000 voters going to the polls. Amongst them was Bahraini blogger Haythoo, who hoped his ‘party’ would emerge victorious. أنا الأن متوجه لتغطية العملية الأنتخابية.. أتمنى أن يحالفنا الحظ و نفوز بأكثرية نيابية.. يجب أن نعمل...

The Week That Was in Bahrain

  26 November 2006

More than 300,000 Bahrainis went to the polls on Saturday to elect 40 Municipal Councillors and another 40 Members of Parliament. This is the second time Bahrainis vote in their modern history, after sweeping reforms initiated in 2002. According to official records, seventy-two per cent of the eligible voters took...

Abu Aardvark: Bahrain Elections Spark Media Interest

  25 November 2006

Abu Aardvark says Al Jazeera Arabic channel has devoted an entire programme to cover the Bahraini parliamentary and municipal elections being held today. He says the elections have generated a lot of interest and scrutiny from the media.

Bahrain: International Exposure

  25 November 2006

Bahrain is getting international exposure in the media with the Washington Post and New York Times covering its elections, which are being held today, reports Desert Island Boy. But it isn't the publicity the government wants in the global spotlight, he says.

Bahrain: Elections and Gerrymandering

  24 November 2006

With Parliamentary and Municipal Council elections coming up on November 25, Chanad Bahraini accuses the authorities of gerrymandering, saying that the distribution of constituencies is “outrageously discriminatory.”

Bahrain: Two Political Activists in Jail

  24 November 2006

Babbling Bahrania calls upon journalists in Bahrain to cover the parliamentary and municipal council elections being held on November 25 to look at issues more pressing than the voting process, including the arrest of two political activists.

Bahrain: Three Children Die in Fire

  24 November 2006

Three children have died when a fire engulfed their Manama home, reports Bahraini blogger Mahmood Al Yousif. The fire was caused when the children, aged two to five, tried to light a candle because their parents could not afford to pay their electricity bill.

Egypt: Cairo's women speak out against violence

  23 November 2006

In the run-up to the annual global campaign for 16 Days of Activism Against Gender Violence, Egypt's First Lady, Suzanne Mubarak, addressing a meeting of the Arab Women's Organisation, issued a heartfelt plea: What shall we do to face challenges of discrimination, extremism and religious fanaticism? It's a vexing question...

  21 November 2006

Bahrain has banned demonstrations, gatherings and rallies in ‘sensitive’ locations, but Chanad Bahraini thinks that the list is too long. He says the ban may be because workers are holding strikes in their work places, calling for pay rises and better working conditions.

Arabisc: One Blogger Arrested..1000s More to Go!

  21 November 2006

There doesn't seem to be a week passing by without Egyptians and its bloggers rocking the boat and taking the virtual limelight in our part of the world. This week the huge ripples in the Nile are being caused by no other than Egyptian Culture Minister Farooq Hosni, who has...

The Week That Was in Bahrain

  19 November 2006

For a small constitutional monarchy, with a population of about 700,000, Bahrain's blogosphere is sure never short of new topics for discussion and debate. This week's new topics include the arrest of two activists, a rally to push authorities to probe what is now commonly referred to in Bahrain as...

Arabisc: Culprits, Democracy and the Rule of Law

  16 November 2006

Choosing links from 22 different Arab countries for translation is no easy feat..for however much you try and be selective, you cannot be doing the region and its bloggers any justice. Today I have selected the following links, each highlighting a different woe Arab bloggers have to deal with. Our...

The Week That Was in Bahrain

  11 November 2006

With the Godfather of Bahraini bloggers Mahmood Al Yousif out of the way and sick in hospital – possibly recuperating from his head-on collision with authorities over the blocking of his blog – his prodigies were out to play this week! First and foremost I would like to extend a...

Arabisc: Egyptian Blogger Arrested While Arab Bloggers Debate Unity Issues

  9 November 2006

With most Arab countries waging a war on the Internet, Egypt decided to score brownie points with its bloggers by arresting yet another online writer. Egyptian blogger Alaa Abd El Fattah, who has himself enjoyed a stint behind bars, reports to us his colleague's ordeal. أمرت نيابة محرم بك بالإسكندرية...

The Week That Was in Bahrain

  5 November 2006

Freedom of expression in Bahrain received yet another slap in the face this week with a government ban on what is the kingdom's most famous blog. The Ministry of Information issued a gag order, blocking Mahmood Al Yousif’s blog, among a handful of other sites for breaking publication laws. The...

Bahrain: Mahmood Blog Unblocked!

  2 November 2006

Mahmood's blogs was officially unblocked today. He had to make some concessions in order to lift the ban on his site; specifically, he removed few posts and all attendant comments on those articles until the related case discussed in them expire. The gag order related to the case was issued...

Bahrain: The Good Citizen

  1 November 2006

Citizenship is a sacred honour, a plaque we carry proudly on our chests and a burden pressing hard on our backs. Can we be true citizens and do our country justice if we continue to keep our lips sealed despite all the injustice happening around us? Silly Bahraini Girl said.