· May, 2007

Stories about Bahrain from May, 2007

Bahrain: Police Excessive Use of Force

  29 May 2007

“I’m not sure what the Ministry of the Interior wants to achieve by its continuous excessive use of force. If this is their idea of instilling love for the country, they failed; if it is their intention to protect public and private property, they failed, their habitual use of tear...

Bahrain: Burning Books is Depressing

  28 May 2007

Bint Battuta from Bahrain is distressed that books are being burned in the US because readers are on the decline. “I can think of so many schools, libraries, and community groups that would appreciate the 20 000 books that this store owner plans to burn… And yes, the places I'm...

Bahrain: The ‘two seas’ are now a concrete jungle

  28 May 2007

From 'blog wars' to work ethics, the Bahraini blogosphere is bubbling with new ideas and excitement. Ayesha Saldanha sheds more light on discussions taking place this week about Bahrain's jungle of concrete, compensation for the victims of the capsized Al Dana dhow, the historic Bab Al Bahrain (Bahrain Gateway) and much more.

Bahrain: Minimum Wage

  28 May 2007

“Increasing the minimum salary will only be a temporary solution against families and individuals that are being affected by inflation, but this will only be done by dropping employment opportunities and decreasing the quality of the work experience for those very workers affected – and is hardly a reason to...

Bahrain: Second Podcast

  25 May 2007

Bahraini blogger emoodz posted his second podcast in Arabic and English, lamenting the ‘tasteless’ music youth listen to, the political situation in Bahrain and his opinion of some of the local bloggers.

Arabeyes: Breast-Feeding Dilemma

  24 May 2007

Imagine having to breast feed your colleague at work - five times - to ensure that your relationship remains professional! This is the fatwa (religious edict) that had Arab and Muslim bloggers buzzing with excitement and anger this week. Read the rest of the article to see how some of the region's bloggers reacted to the ruling, which has since been withdrawn.

Bahrain: Pegged to the Dollar

  23 May 2007

Bahraini blogger emoodz explains how Bahrain is loosing out by having its currency pegged to the US dollar. “On the assets side, the dollar’s slide will reduce the value of our dollar based assets held (US treasuries, private securities, Dollars reserves, Dollars deposits abroad… etc) while at the same time...

Bahrain: Censoring Flesh

  22 May 2007

Bahraini blogger emoodz jumped the gun and accused a daily paper of censoring ‘flesh’. He later amended his error when another blogger Cradle of Humanity pointed out that American anti-war activist Cindy Sheehan in fact dressed up in long sleeves.

Arabeyes: The Middle East in Pictures

  21 May 2007

Today's Middle East in Pictures tour takes us to Dubai's lovely beaches, Doha at night, a picture of a flower in Bahrain, the blooming flower gardens of Syria this spring and finally on a Viagra buying spree in the bazaars of Fez, in Morocco.

Bahrain: Politicians Attacked by Riot Police

  20 May 2007

“Riot police attacked a seminar this evening in support of Hassan Mushaima and Abdulhadi Alkhawaja. They used tear gas and rubber bullets. According to some online reports, Waad’s Ibrahim Sharif was injured, possibly by a rubber bullet, and had to be taken to hospital….This attack comes just a day after...

Bahrain: When Only Illegal Prawns Will Do

  19 May 2007

From turning a blind eye to racial hatred being spewed on the internet to hoarding prawns caught in the closed season for a religious festival four months away, Bahraini bloggers were busy typing away this week, reports Ayesha Saldanha.

Egypt: Breast-feeding Adults

  18 May 2007

Palestinian blogger Amal A is in stitches over the latest Egyptian Islamic university Al Azhar fatwa, which stipulates that a woman can nurse or breast-feed a grown up man, if they are to work together in an office without a male chaperon. Bahraini Mahmood Al Yousif warns us not to...

Bahrain: Weekly Podcast

  18 May 2007

Bahraini blogger emoodz has posted his first podcast in English and Arabic and hopes to make podcasting a weekly habit. Mohammed Al Maskati says he thinks that podcasting could be the “next best thing in local blogging.”

Bahrain: Inciting Hatred

  17 May 2007

“Inciting hatred” is becoming a fashionable charge in Bahrain, explains blogger Mahmood Al Yousif. “Soon, Bahrain’s streets, villages and towns will once again live several days of a perfumed atmosphere. The wafts of tear-gas and the sounds of rubber bullets will be infused in decrepit narrow streets, while that effervescent...

Bahrain: Over Criticism

  16 May 2007

Bahraini blogger Mahmood Al Yousif reports that the Ministry of Agriculture and Municipalities has threatened to drag to court anyone who questions land sales and ownership in Bahrain. “In a communiqué by the Ministry of Agricultural Affairs and Municipalities in response to what has been published yesterday regarding the purported...

Bahrain: Coral Reef for Sale

  14 May 2007

The Fasht Al Jarem coral reef is on sale in Bahrain for the highest bidder. Read the reactions of bloggers Mahmood Al Yousif, Mohammed Al Maskati and Haythoo (Ar). “Anyway, The Fasht has already been sold a while ago, and I personally doubt there is anything that we could do...

Bahrain: The Never-Do-It-Yourself Culture

  11 May 2007

From dirty politics and squabbles between 'politicians' over peanuts, to corruption at the Traffic directorate, the Bahraini blogosphere is buzzing with commentary this week. Ayesha Saldanha walks us through some of the outstanding posts, which include a suicide pledge and a rant about lazy inconsiderate men.

Bahrain: Suicide Pledge

  11 May 2007

Bahraini blogger Mahmood Al Yousif bursts out laughing after reading that a girl who attempted to commit suicide was taken to the police station and made to sign a pledge never to commit suicide again.