· July, 2006

Stories about Bahrain from July, 2006

Bahrain: Up and away

  20 July 2006

Bahraini Rants the new superman movie: “… it was cool, but it brought about a lot of superhero movie talk.. Would it kill Superman to use his powers for a little personal betterment.. if you had superman’s powers, how would you use them? Would you go out and risk your...

Arabisc: The Blazing Middle East

  14 July 2006

Third day after the beginning of the never ending Middle East conflict; Israel/Lebanon war, the Arabic blogsphere speaks. Ranging between anger, celebration, condemnation and support, on both sides of the conflict, the bloggers views vary depends where they come from. Some sound extreme, others sound objective and reasonable, but all...

Bahrain: Minister Salary!

  6 July 2006

Bahrainis are being urged to dig deep into their pockets to support cash-strapped ministers. Silly Bahraini Girl says they are taking too big salaries and compensations.