· June, 2010

Stories about Bahrain from June, 2010

Bahrain: What Happened to the Mubtakar Terrorists?

  29 June 2010

Bahraini blogger Mahmood Al Yousif wonders what happened to five Bahrainis implicated in a 2003 terrorist plot to detonate an explosive device on the New York City subway system called the “Mubtakar.” “Whatever happened to those five “men” I wonder? Anyone knows?” he asks.

Bahrain: Spying on Citizens Using New Number Plates

  14 June 2010

Bahrain is introducing new car number plates with technology which allows police to monitor the movement of every vehicle. Blogger Mahmood Al Yousif remarks: “Must we be followed, spied on and harassed by the state in every single facet of our miserable lives to end it now with a completely...

MENA: Israel will have to Choose

  2 June 2010

Condemnations are flying left, right, and centre after Israel attacked a Turkish-led flotilla headed to Gaza to deliver humanitarian aid and break the blockade on the Palestinian enclave. Here are some more reactions from Twitter.