· May, 2008

Stories about Bahrain from May, 2008

Bahrain: Car Respect

  30 May 2008

From Bahrain, Flymenian writes about superficial people judge people based on the value of cars they drive.

Bahrain: The Ideal Woman

  28 May 2008

From Bahrain, The Girl with No Face says she will go through a surgical procedure to help her reduce weight and adds: “I’ve given up that one day someone will love me for me. I have to mold into the ideal woman. The ‘ideal’ woman that has no fat on...

Bahrain: Sectarian and Xenophobic

  28 May 2008

“It seems that Bahrain (as in government and MPs) are just not content with being called sectarian but are now adding a new adjective to their resume- xenophobic,” writes Bahraini blogger Yagoob, after MPs called for banning Bangladeshis from working in Bahrain.

Bahrain: When sect determines your spouse

  28 May 2008

Coolred38 is an American Muslim living in Bahrain, and she often finds herself frustrated at examples of what she sees as bad and even harmful behaviour being justified by religion. She recently posted about a ‘scandal’ in the family of a friend of hers: Long story short…Sunni girl and Shiite...

Bahrain: Ban on Bangladeshis

  28 May 2008

Following a tragic incident a few days ago, when a Bahraini was killed after he refused to pay a Bangladeshi mechanic the 500 fils (1.3 USD) extra he was demanding for a job, Bahrain has now stopped issuing work permits to Bangladeshi nationals. A group of MPs are planning to submit a proposal to parliament to expel all Bangladeshi workers, who might be as many as 90,000, from the country because allegedly they commit more ‘shocking and gruesome crimes‘ than any other community.

Saudi Arabia: Dhahran Under Siege

  21 May 2008

Saudi Arabia hosted the Gulf Cooperation Council's Summit in its Eastern province, bringing the leaders of Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait, Oman and the UAE under one roof - and holding the residents of Dhahran and Dammam hostage for the duration of their meeting as all the main highways leading to and from the city were shut.

Bahrain: Class of 2008

  21 May 2008

Bahraini Naz, who studies in Melbourne, Australia, celebrates the graduation of her sister and friends from a university in New York, US.

Bahrain: Gender Challenged!!

  19 May 2008

“You would think that it would be relatively easy for the CIO, who is entrusted to keep more than we like of our private and very personal information, that they would know the gender of a person whom they issue the mandatory Central Population Register (CPR) card, wouldn’t you?” asks...

Bahrain: Cult Books

  19 May 2008

“What would you put on your list of books that have ‘rewired your head'?” asks Bint Batutta in Bahrain, who links to descriptions of some of The Telegraphs 50 Top Cult Books.

Migratory birds in Bahrain

  19 May 2008

The birdwatcher blog Bahrain Obs posts photos and observes “The number of birds and species passing at Badaan Farm has slowed to a crawl – a few surprises in what's been turning up but nothing really exceptional.”

Bahrain: Leaving Home

  15 May 2008

Life in Bahrain is not impressed with a new increase in housing lending – as real estate prices in Bahrain hit the ceiling – and announces that he has found a job abroad and is leaving the country soon.

Bahrain: Why?

  15 May 2008

“Why does the person in the fifth car back at a traffic light usually believe that beeping as soon as the light turns will make the queue move more quickly?” asks Bint Battuta in Bahrain.

Saudi Women Against Late Night Weddings

  9 May 2008

“Apparently many Saudi women believe that late night weddings are highly inconvenient, so they’re campaigning and holding workshops to try and change this tradition,” writes Bahraini blogger Esra'a, who argues that Saudi women should be rallying for other, more pressing issues.