· November, 2008

Stories about Bahrain from November, 2008

Bahrain: The problem of road rage

  28 November 2008

Bahrain Taxi is disappointed at the sentence given to a man in the UAE for deliberately driving over a pedestrian in his Hummer: “The pathetic ten year sentence which probably won't be ten years sends the message that road rage is not a serious problem and that losing your temper...

Bahrain: A Day at the Dog Walk

  25 November 2008

Umm Naief in Bahrain takes a dog, Henry, to the Bahrain Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals annual Dog Walk and tells us all about her adventure here.

Michael Jackson ‘Converts’ to Islam

  24 November 2008

The King of Pop Michael Jackson has done it again and stories about his alleged conversion to Islam are keeping blogs in the Middle East abuzz with snark comments. Is Jackson's conversion a part of an American conspiracy "to destroy Islam from within," is it a media stunt or has he finally found his true calling?

Egypt: First Human Rights Film Festival

  24 November 2008

Seven films about human rights are being showcased at the first Cairo Human Rights Film Festival, which continues until Thursday (November 27). Marwa Rakha previews blogger reactions on the event.

Bahrain: Charity Stamps Question

  24 November 2008

Redbelt from Bahrain questions the purpose of the charity stamp, people have to purchase when mailing letters abroad and wonders: “Shouldn't charity be optional?”

Bahrain: Playground politics?

  18 November 2008

Bahraini blogger Yagoob is not impressed with the behaviour of a member of parliament who followed another member to Kuwait to make sure he didn't taint Bahrain's reputation at a conference: “What next? Is he going to give out spankings for any MPs who say something he doesn’t like?…Now if...