· March, 2009

Stories about Bahrain from March, 2009

Bahrain: Internet Puzzle

  23 March 2009

Bahrain blogger Hussain Yousif has a question: “As a provider, I know that deals for installing and configuring censorship solutions are held between the ISP’s and the providers. The providers are at most agents\resellers for an international provider. The new thing is that the “UNIFIED” solution is suggested by the...

Bahrain: A Mother's Perspective

  23 March 2009

Rick Beeman is an American living in Bahrain – and he asked his mother to write about her experience of visiting the country: “Here I am on the other side of the world for the first time in the Middle East… Bahrain so far has shown me some very beautiful...

Bahrain: Come back to where you belong

  23 March 2009

Bahraini activist Esra'a argues why she chooses to stay home and work for her causes: “No government, no sole leader, no foreign interference will result in social change in any country of the Middle East – it comes from collective efforts. People like you. And if you’re living and working...

Egypt: Free Kareem Tweets

  22 March 2009

The Free Kareem campaign, calling for the release of Egyptian blogger Kareem Nabil Suliaman, is now available on Twitter, announced the site. Click on the link for more information on Kareem.

Bahrain: Poem to all Mothers

  22 March 2009

Bahraini Jinan [Ar] dedicates a poem to all the mothers in Palestine, Iraq, Bahrain and the world on the occasion of Mother's Day.

Bahrain: Poem to Daughter

  22 March 2009

From Bahrain, Randah Hamadah marks Mother's Day with a poem dedicated in the memory of her daughter Samar Al Ansari.

Bahrain: Message to Liars

  20 March 2009

Bahraini Hussain Yousif has a message for liars: “Liars forget quickly.  Some of them lie and start building on that lie to the level they forget the starting point. And when you refer to them, they will tell you another lie!” According to Yousif, the solution is: “You lie, we...

Bahrain: YouTube Filtering On The Way?

  20 March 2009

Bahraini blogger The Dude believes that the Ministry of Culture and Information is planning to both block the torrent protocol, and to filter content on YouTube, and he is outraged: “Youtube is the world's biggest forum for self-expression. It nurtures creativity. It teaches. It entertains. Surely this is what the...

Morocco: Cutting Ties With Iran

  19 March 2009

Early last week, it was reported that Rabat had chosen to sever its ties with Tehran, after a diplomatic spat between Bahrain and Iran over a statement by an Iranian official questioning Bahrain's sovereignty. Additionally, Morocco expressed resentment at Iran's alleged attempts to influence Moroccans in Europe toward Shi'a Islam.

Arab World: Culture, Culture Everywhere

  12 March 2009

Across the Gulf various cultural festivals and literary events have been taking place in recent weeks, and in this post we hear from some of the region's bloggers who have attended them. However culture is not a politics-free zone; even a book fair or a cultural festival can be a source of tension...

Arab World: Birthday Food for Thought

  5 March 2009

Several bloggers from across the Arab World are marking their birthdays online with philosophical posts, describing their lives, hopes, accomplishments and dreams. Here's a selection of posts.

Bahrain: Traditional Children's Games

  3 March 2009

Shirley Dockerill, who is married to a Bahraini and blogs at White Girl, Arab World, writes about some of the games her husband remembers playing as a child.

Bahrain: Unimpressed by Speedy the Desert Racer

  3 March 2009

Bahraini blogger The Dude complains that the mascot chosen for the Bahrain International Circuit, host of Formula One races, is an embarrassment: “If this is the height of creativity in our Kingdom then Bahrain is in serious trouble.”