· April, 2010

Stories about Bahrain from April, 2010

Bahrain: Mideast Tunes Launched

  28 April 2010

Mideast Youth has launched a new project Mideast Tunes – which is dedicated to providing a platform for emerging musicians in the Middle East. “Our aim is to encourage, inspire and expose talented young artists across the region,” they write.

Bahrain: Salman and Threatened Voices

  28 April 2010

From Bahrain, the Free Hasan Salman blog noted the inclusion of Salman in Global Voices Online's Threatened Voices. Salman was arrested on May 14, 2009, for allegedly leaking the names of security personnel to websites.

Bahrain: Going Commando

  27 April 2010

Bahraini blogger Mahmood Al Yousif jots down his experiences – which include going commando – in the first few hours of the morning in this post.

Bahrain: Defending the Kingdom

  5 April 2010

Around 5,000 people from Bahrain have joined a Facebook group entitled: You don't deserve to live in a country you don't protect (Ar).