· September, 2005

Stories about Bahrain from September, 2005

Bahrain: Governmental Blog

30 September 2005

Blogging goes governmental in Bahrain. Chan'ad writes that Manama Municipal Council has set up a blog to communicate and receive feedback from the city’s expatriate community (who form 85% of its population). Blog can be found here: http://manama-council.blogspot.com/ Probably this is the first official's blog in the Arab world!

Bahrain: Musical Missions

23 September 2005

Zainab Alkhawaja praises the Musical Missions of Cameron and Kristina who have been around the Arab world. They have been to Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Palestine and Iraq. They talked to a largely American audience about the Arabs and their culture.

Bahrain: Arabic Blogging

19 September 2005

Haythoo just started a free Arabic blogging service for Bahrain (in Arabic). The new blog service (http://bahblog.com/) is based on the Arabic version of WordPress, and seems to catch a lot of good attention from university students in Bahrain.

Bahrain: Aggregator is On

16 September 2005

Mahmood just launched BahrainBlogs.com. It is simply an aggregation service to aggregate all the Bahraini blogs he knows of.

Bahrain: Bahrain World Trade Centre Wings

13 September 2005

Sabbah says that Bahrain World Trade Centre (BWTC) will incorporate the first towers in the world to generate their own electricity using wind turbines.

Bahrain: Missing Condolences

7 September 2005

Arab states sent deep condolences and regret to the U.S. administration over the effect of Hurricane Katrina. moodz wonders why none of the Arab Leaders sent a cable of “deep condolences and regret” to Ibrahim AlJafaari (The Prime Minister of Iraq) over the dreadful incident of AlKhademia where the lives...