· December, 2005

Stories about Bahrain from December, 2005

Bahrain: Bahrain International Airport Demonstrations

27 December 2005

Mayhem at Bahrain Airport, Silly Bahraini Girl Says. While Mahmood wonders why every issue in Bahrain is politicised and invariably turn to violence? Zainab shows pictures that were not in the newspapers and emoodz says, you simply can't give an airplane to someone who miserably fails to fly a kite....

Bahrain: Independence Day

16 December 2005

Today marks the 34th of Bahrain independence day. While Silly Bahraini Girl sees it as a time for fun and parades and fireworks and … rallies.. and demonstrations.. and the sound of explosions… chaos… anarchy.. the ugly smell of fear; Mahmood hopes that the 35th anniversary would be happier if...

Bahrain: Fanatic Muttawa

15 December 2005

Mahmood is very upset after the Bahrain Ministry of Information, encouraged by the parliament, decided to ban any live musical shows at the only good, family oriented, non-alcoholic, non-shisha-smoking entertainment restaurant in Bahrain. The newly opened restaurant coasted the foreign investor more than $ 4 million, as he claims and...

Bahrain: HRW Appeal to UN

15 December 2005

Zainab Alkhawaja reports that a group of Human Rights activists went to The United Nations building in Bahrain to protect themselves from what they claim as continuous harassments of the government but the Head of the United Nations office in Bahrain, Mr. Alloush, considered this an invasion of a governmental...

Bahrain: Justice Victory

13 December 2005

Mahmood is happy for Bahrain. Happy for seeing justice taking place. Happy for the Bahraini family who have successfully sued the most feared ministry in Bahrain and succeeded in getting justice.

Bahrain: Riots and Blogging

2 December 2005

Have a feeling of what is going on Bahrain turbulent political street and blogger field. And don't miss to follow Mahmood on ‘blogging 101′ soon.