· January, 2008

Stories about Bahrain from January, 2008

Bahrain: Are Gulf Arabs Lazy?

  29 January 2008

Earlier this week the Bahraini Labour Minister Majid Al Alawi was interviewed in the pan-Arab newspaper Asharq Al-Awsat, and in the interview he said that the Gulf was facing an 'Asian tsunami' because Gulf nationals are 'lazy' and 'spoilt' and depend on imported labour to do even simple tasks. He said that that the nearly 17 million foreign workers in the Gulf, mostly Asian, represented 'a danger worse than the atomic bomb or an Israeli attack'. What do Bahraini bloggers think?

Bahrain: Highbrow to Eyebrow

  28 January 2008

“Before moving to Bahrain I had never touched my eyebrows,” writes Bint Battuta, who has since caved in to pressure and religiously follows threaders around.

Bahrain: Letter to King

  24 January 2008

Bahraini political activist Abduljalil Al Singace reposts an open letter sent to Bahrain's King Hamad from Frontline, who express their deep concern following an attack on women during a demonstration at the Prosecutor's Office on 25 December 2007.

Bahrain: What a Neighbourhood!

  24 January 2008

Cookie, from Bahrain, describes her neighbourhood in this post. “People park their cars everywhere like they own the street. Women have fights almost every two weeks or less OUTSIDE!” she writes.

Bahrain: New Beginnings

  24 January 2008

From Bahrain, Abdulla Al Mannai opens his heart to his friends and invites them to embark on a new journey with him.

Bahrain: Ashoora Reading

  22 January 2008

Bint Battuta attends Ashoora events in Bahrain, and shares some reading material about the rituals here.

GCC-Iran Relations Improving

  17 January 2008

Marc Lynch takes a closer look at the improving relationship between Gulf Arab states and Iran in this post, despite Bush's visit to the region. The Gulf Cooperation Council is made up of Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman and the United Arab Emirates.

Bahrain: George W. Does a Dance

  13 January 2008

During his tour of the Middle East, US President George W Bush came to Bahrain for a brief visit, the first of a sitting US president to the country. In this post, Ayesha Saldanha reports how bloggers reacted to the visit and how it impacted their everyday lives.