· January, 2006

Stories about Bahrain from January, 2006

Bahrain: A culture of hate is invading Bahrain

25 January 2006

We now have a novel site whose author would like us to think that he is doing us Bahrainis a huge favour by “exposing” activists with an agenda. Activists which he describes as not only as cowardly traitors, which it seems he can put up with, but much more disgustingly...

An ordinary week in Bahrain

23 January 2006

The weekly round-up of the Bahraini blogosphere where a week, for a change, seems quite ordinary!

Bahrain: Human Rights Report

12 January 2006

The Bahrain Center for Human Rights has issued a communique with serious allegations against the justice system in Bahrain, Silly Bahraini Girl said.

Bahrain: Love Israel!

12 January 2006

Sharon is dying after whatever hit his brain. I am not writing this to express my joy but my admiration to Israel as a government, a country and a committee, $ilver Girl said.

A controversy-filled week in Bahrain

9 January 2006

Attacks on anonymous blogging, doctors smuggling prostitutes during their night shifts, a feminist highlights what she believes are wrongs in Islam, alcoholics in parliament, identity theft by a Ninja and underrated 80s music are just the norm for Bahrain this week!

Bahrain: Anon Blogs

6 January 2006

Anonymity and credibility of blogs seems to be the ‘hot topic of the day‘ around some of the Arab blogsphere blogs.