· November, 2005

Stories about Bahrain from November, 2005

Bahrain: Street Boiling

30 November 2005

Zainab Alkhawaja reported that a Bahraini activist was raped two nights ago. Due to lack of proper action from local authorities, Mahmood say that Bahrain is going through a situation that threatens to turn the country once again upside down internally, and losing it whatever is left of its tattered...

Bahrain: Propagating Hate?

29 November 2005

Mahmood says that the Bahraini government does have a responsibility in facing people who spread hate, sedition and sectarian discord. Specially when it comes from religious figures!

The Caribbean Blogosphere: Football fever and more

  20 November 2005

If only in terms of sheer volume, the leading story in the Caribbean blogosphere this week was the Trinidad & Tobago football team's qualification for the 2006 World Cup on November 16. The team Trinidad & Tobago beat in order to qualify was Bahrain (hence the oft-repeated line that whichever...

Bahrain: Proud Bahraini

18 November 2005

SillyBahrainiGirl says: “How are the football players faring? I doubt that all of them are enjoying the perks of life, if they had to play under the threat of getting a home, a car and money or losing it all should they lose the match! I don't see why anyone...

Bahrain: Future Forum

14 November 2005

Mahmood wondering: Do they think that hosting a forum for the Future in an Arab country was going to get them some results?

Bahrain: Demonstrations

10 November 2005

Mahmood describing one of yesterday's demonstration in Bahrain for codification of personal and family status laws, he says: “Bahrain is a deeply religious country for the most part and they would not walk, but run to execute the religious leadership's requests, and run they did this afternoon by their thousands....

Bahrain: Ramadan Alcohol Ban

3 November 2005

Bahrain's top hotels are being penalised from today for defying the Ramadan alcohol ban. Mahmood wonders: “we have plenty of personal freedoms in Bahrain. We also welcome tourists. What happened to “no compulsion in religion” and what happened to the individual's right to choose?“

Bahrain: Corruption

3 November 2005

SillyBahrainiGirl asks: “Isn't it reassuring to know that ministries and government agencies in Bahrain are corrupt?“