· July, 2005

Stories about Bahrain from July, 2005

Bahrain: Look ma, I'm on a Segway!

28 July 2005

Mahmood, who writes the Bahraini blog Mahmood's Den tried out a Segway today. While he was having a blast riding around on it, he also thought that they'd be quite practical for everday use in Bahrain.

Report from the Jordan Blogger Gathering

  28 July 2005

Tonight's Jordan Blogger Gathering You never know who'll show up for a bloggers’ gathering. The Jordan blogger meetup – a joint Jordan Planet/Global Voices effort – turned up not only some of Jordan's best bloggers, but superstars from Bahrain and Egypt as well. Representing Amman were Ammar Ibrahim, Roba Assi...

Bahraini: Food Fight!

21 July 2005

Chan’ad Bahraini will be taking a blog-vacation for a couple of weeks, but before he left, he couldn't help but to bring us a photograph of a scuffle that took place on the floor of the Bahraini parliament. Apparently one MP took exception to the statements of another MP and...

Middle East and North Africa Friday Blog Roundup

  8 July 2005

Beirut Spring has posted a banner condemning terrorism in both English and Arabic. Saudi Jeans has been looking on the Arabic blogs for commentary on the London bombings but has not yet found any; if you see any, make sure to pass it on to him. Chan’ad Bahraini simply asks...

Muslim Blogosphere Reacts to London Blast

  7 July 2005

We hope that multi-lingual bridge-bloggers can help translate more of what bloggers are saying in Arabic, Farsi and other languages. (If you have done so please let us know in the comments section at the bottom of this post.) Meanwhile, here is what has come through our aggregator in English...

The Middle East and North Africa Daily Blog Roundup

  6 July 2005

The Silly Bahraini Girl is more than a little frustrated by Bahrainis who have trouble with the fact that many email addresses in the Kingdom end in ‘.com.bh’. The Big Pharaoh, in his trademark sarcastic style, finds where Egypt's Christian and Muslim communities have some common ground. Iranian Prospect posts...

Middle East & North Africa Roundup

  4 July 2005

The prolific Bahraini blogger Mahmood of Mahmood's Den has done an Arabic translation of Reporters Without Borders’ 6 Recommendations for freedom of expression on the Internet. (PDF version is here.) He encourages people in the Arab world to: “link to it, replicate it on your site or use it to...