· May, 2010

Stories about Bahrain from May, 2010

MENA: Rage after Israel Attacks Gaza-bound Flotilla

  31 May 2010

Emotions are running high across the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), after Israel attacked a peaceful flotilla carrying humanitarian aid to besieged Gaza - and the Twittersphere is ablaze. Also, are tweets commenting on the situation being censored?

Bahrain: On German Freedom

  28 May 2010

Bahraini blogger Mahmood Al Yousif attended a 10-day programme organised by the German Federal Foreign Office. His conclusion: “Germany is not that free after all!”

Bahrain: Time Flies

  26 May 2010

From Bahrain, ammar456 observes on Twitter: “The days just seem to fly by. Things didn't move this fast when we were kids.”

Middle East: “Blood Borders”

  20 May 2010

Martin W. Lewis from GeoCurrent Event blog reviews Ralph Lewis’ “Blood Borders” article on the idea of a complete reshape of Middle East borders in order to fit more appropriately the ethnic and religious affiliations of the region.

Bahrain: Why was Al Jazeera's Office Shut Down?

  19 May 2010

Bahrain temporarily shut down the office of Al Jazeera Satellite Channel for "violating professional conventions." Bloggers and tweeps react to the development in this post - especially after rumours surfaced that the Qatari station's bureau was closed because of a report it aired on poverty in Bahrain. Meanwhile, Al Jazeera says it doesn't even operate an office in Bahrain so what exactly is going on?

Bahrain: Blame Ahmed Zainal!

  9 May 2010

Got anything to complain about in Bahrain? Disgruntled about something in your life? Look no further. Just Blame Ahmed Zainal! Who is Ahmed Zainal and why is there a #BlameAhmedZainal hashtag on Twitter, a blog and a Facebook group? Read this post to find out.

Bahrain: More Freedom Please

  8 May 2010

A new Facebook group, entitled Enough restricting Bahraini freedom, has been set up in Bahrain, calling for more freedom. So far, 257 members have joined the group.

Bahrain: Goodbye Al Waqt

  5 May 2010

Bahraini newspaper Al Waqt shut down on World Press Freedom Day following financial troubles. Fans formed a Facebook event – and visited the newspaper premises to bid it farewell.