· July, 2009

Stories about Bahrain from July, 2009

Bahrain: Accusations of Islamist Hypocrisy

  23 July 2009

The Bahraini Nationalist read the response by the Olama Islamic Council to the Crown Prince's call for dialogue with Israelis: “It’s the usual, humdrum response we’ve come to expect from all Islamist political groups…it exposes the hypocritical way these groups approach the issue of Palestine.”

Bahrain: Keeping Apart

  20 July 2009

Bahrain-based blogger Shirley Dockerill, who writes at White Girl Arab World, had a male student walk out of her class because she was female: “I'd forgotten there is a school of thought here which doesn't allow interaction with non-relatives of the opposite sex, in any way, shape or form.”

Bahrain: Be Positive

  20 July 2009

Bahraini blogger aMal has decided to rid herself of negative feelings – but that's not so simple: “People, at least maybe in this part of the world, I wholeheartedly say, are allergic to positivity.”

Bahrain: Swine Flu Awareness

  19 July 2009

Bahraini blogger Khalid [ar] blames Bahraini health authorities for not handling the H1N1 or Swine flu virus properly and creating public awareness about the disease. He goes on to provide information about it.

Bahrain: No to Eating Corn in Shop

  19 July 2009

On Twitpic, Bahraini Twitter user Hussein Nasser posts a photograph of a sign posted in a boutique which reads: “You are not allowed to eat sweet corn inside the shop.”

Bahrain: Learn To Live With Israel?

  18 July 2009

The Bahraini Nationalist is pleased that Bahrain's Crown Prince has written an op-ed in the Washington Post asking Arabs to talk to the people of Israel: “Shaikh Salman is trying to tell Arabs that Israel is a reality and won’t disappear. Learn to live with it!!” Yet a Facebook group...

Bahrain: The Stereotype Of Expat Kids

Ashish Gorde, who grew up as an “expat kid” in Bahrain, is always amazed at the negative generalisations people make about such children – and prefers to think of the positive: “Not having a place we can call our own is a blessing in disguise because it has protected us...

Bahrain: Blogging Ministers

  15 July 2009

Bahraini blogger Yagoob reports on new initiative on Bahrain's E-Government Portal – a blog where people can leave comments, and where ministers will be available to answer questions.

Bahrain: Livestock Dying

  13 July 2009

Bahraini Khalid [Ar] comments on the death of livestock in Bahrain this summer. “There are sheep that die, goats that die and cows that die of the heat and thirst; from the overcrowding in the pens; livestock are suffering from physical exhaustion and heat exhaustion; there are sick animals and...

Bahrain: Having Respect For Yourself

  10 July 2009

Rick Beeman, an American based in Bahrain, is back in the USA for a visit – and wonders about the behaviour of certain Americans: “These people didn’t seem to have any self-respect and that was the sad part. While the people I'm with over in Bahrain…the laborers, have an incredible...

Arab World: Swine Flu Fever Continues

  9 July 2009

Swine flu or H1N1 is still making headlines across the Arab world as new cases continue to be discovered by health authorities and announced in the Press on a daily basis. Here's a preview of what bloggers in Bahrain, Jordan, Egypt and Syria are talking about.

Bahrain: Reading Detective Novels

  9 July 2009

bint battuta in bahrain introduces her readers to two detective novels – Vendetta by Michael Dibdin and The Winter Queen by Boris Akunin, which she has just finished from reading.

Bahrain: Missing Michael's Style

  9 July 2009

Bahrain fashion blogger Aysha remembers Michael Jackson's style: “From his staple sequin white glove to his sequin socks, and his many sequin military jackets, MJ helped remind us that fashion is not only about following trends but creating them too.”

Arab World: Good Bye Michael Jackson

  7 July 2009

Bloggers from across the Arab world bid King of Pop Michael Jackson farewell today as millions of fans tune into the silver screen to watch live coverage of his memorial ceremony at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. Here is a snapshot of reactions from Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Bahrain.

Bahrain, Oman: The Lives Of Migrant Workers

  6 July 2009

Migrant workers, the majority from South Asia, form a large part of the population in the countries of the Gulf. In this post we hear the experience of two individuals who have come to the Gulf to work.

Bahrain: A Different Version Of Events

  5 July 2009

Some days ago it was reported that a group of Emirati visitors were attacked in Bahrain; they were later visited by the Prime Minister. However Hussain Ghuloom believes the story of what happened is different to that printed in the media.

Bahrain: Fast Justice

  4 July 2009

Bahraini blogger Ali Abdulemam wonders how four Emirati citizens who were allegedly attacked by a group of Bahrainis received a rapid official response, including a visit from the Bahraini Prime Minister: “This is how fast the justice is, we don't need courts, we don't need story details.”

Bahrain: The Michael Jackson Phenomenon

  4 July 2009

In Bahrain, Ashish Gorde comments: “I really don't know Michael Jackson and, for that matter, neither does any of the scribes who have written loud commentaries on his life, his career, his legacy. What I know of him is what the media presented to the world. And now it is...

Bahrain: Pros and Cons

  4 July 2009

Bahraini blogger Evil Odd doesn't like Bahrain: “I feel like enough time has passed since my last visit to Bahrain to write a fair description of what I thought of the country. Basically, the place sucks.” But Tom Carter disagrees.