· March, 2008

Stories about Bahrain from March, 2008

Egypt: Human Rights Defenders Harassed

  31 March 2008

Or Does it Explode… links to a report submitted by the Cairo Institute for Human Rights Studies to the United Nations Human Rights Council which says there has been “huge harassments of human rights organisations and defenders have been increasingly subject to abusive and suppressive actions by government actors… in...

Bahrain: Scorn for inflation package

  31 March 2008

To alleviate the effects of inflation in Bahrain, the government has introduced a BD40 million (USD105 million) aid package – and Bahrain's bloggers are unanimous in questioning how effective it will be, writes Ayesha Saldanha.

Bahrain: Kindest People Ever

  21 March 2008

Sous, a Swedish woman living in Bahrain, wonders about the impact of development on Bahrainis. “Bahrainis … are the most kind people I have ever met. They are polite, educated, funny and friendly. There is no pretend and they are really down to earth which I appreciate. I hope this...

Bahrain: Parliament Countdown

  18 March 2008

Bahraini blogger Mahmood Al Yousif has places a new counter on his blogs, featuring the number of days left for Bahrainis to “get rid” of their parliament.

Bahrain: Frustrated Fayrouz fans

  13 March 2008

This year's Spring of Culture, the biggest arts festival in Bahrain, has just started. Bloggers have got plenty to say about it – especially about the star attraction, Lebanese singer Fayrouz; tickets for her concert sold out almost immediately, and many are now being resold on the black market for highly inflated prices, writes Ayesha Saldanha.

Bahrain: Nationality Issues

  12 March 2008

From Bahrain, Silly Bahraini Girl takes offence to a comment made by a reader on another blog about her nationality.

Lebanon: Gulf Tourists

  11 March 2008

From Lebanon, Antoun comments on tourists from Bahrain, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia visiting his country – after their countries issued warnings for them to stop travelling to Lebanon.

Bahrain: Scantily Clad Women Strike the Wrong Chord

  7 March 2008

Seeing pictures of what he describes as "scantily clad women" in local newspapers, doesn't strike a chord with Bahraini blogger Jaffar who takes the opportunity to rant about other practises he frowns upon in the media and real life in this post I am translating from Arabic today.

Mideast Youth: Back to School

  4 March 2008

Mideast Youth bloggers took part in a Skype discussion with students from an American school. Questions were about race, politics, bigotry, nationalism, materialism and a few other ‘ism’s, explains Egyptian D B Shobrawy, who was joined by Esra'a, from Bahrain.