· August, 2005

Stories about Bahrain from August, 2005

Blogs of the World, Aggregate!

  30 August 2005

Boris Anthony, our good friend and Global Voices’ beloved graphic designer/toolsmith, recently offered this observation: “….In the last 6 months, I have not worked on a single ‘weblog': it's all been various types of aggregators.” As blogging becomes mainstream around the world and journalists, corporations, politicians and non-governmental organizations join...

Bahrain: Arab Top 10 Billionaires

29 August 2005

Mahmood posts the names of the top 10 billionaires of the Arab world according to ITP Business. While Mahmood wishes them all the best, he asks, what contribution to science did they contribute? Do they contribute to charities? Why is there only one royal in the list?

Egyptian, Bahraini and Iranian bloggers in the Christians Science monitor

  25 August 2005

Charles Levinson – Correspondent of The Christian Science Monitor, writes about Egypt's growing blogger community and mentions Baheyya, The Sandmonkey and The Big Pharaoh. On the Iranian side, he talks about Hossein Derakhshan, an Iranian emigrant to Canada, who published directions on how to make a blog in the Farsi....

Bahrain: Bloggers in Danger

20 August 2005

Mahmood is afraid that Bahrain is about to become even a more dangerous place to blog from, specially that the Public Prosecutor is now looking into 46 websites, which they think might be transgressing various offences including the Press Law(in Arabic) .

Bahrain: Blogging Danger

19 August 2005

Controversial discussion is going on between some bloggers and ‘Anonymous Blogging’ which lists Bahrain, Saudi and Syria in Top Five most dangerous countries for bloggers. The director of ‘Committee to Protect Bloggers’ has been criticized and accused of being an Arab-hating secret agent in Jewish pay, as he says. The...

Bahrain: Imam suspended

15 August 2005

Mahmood asks if anyone can shed some light on GDN's article (PDF) about a Bahraini mosque preacher (Imam) in Muharraq, who has been suspended due to a sermon he preached about Zionism and “Sectarian Issues”.

Bahrain: Imam on Strike!

12 August 2005

Mohammed Elzubeir from UAE, points to the war of words between Sunni and Shiite religious scholars at Bahrain, over the right to suspend the Friday prayers where it looks like some Imam (the person who leads a prayer in a mosque) decided to suspend a Friday's prayer in protest for...

Bahrain: The Homeless World Cup

10 August 2005

Mahmood is coordinating efforts to make it possible to send a Bahraini Team to play next year at Cape Town-South Africa. The Homeless World Cup is an international event that uses the positive power of football to raise the issue of homelessness and poverty worldwide.

Bahrain: Bloggers are Not Opposition

7 August 2005

Silly Bahraini Girl is making a very interesting statement about Bahraini Bloggers and denying the claims that they are opposition to their country. She sees that these bloggers are blogging for a noble reason in a country with no free press.

Bahrain: Insomnia

6 August 2005

Silly Bahraini Girl maybe has insomnia, which reminds her of two English ladies who trashed her because she is an Arab, in her own country!

Bahrain: AIPAC Spies

5 August 2005

Desert Island Boy asks: Charges have been filed against lobbyists for Israel. Does that make them spies, and does it make their employer a foriegn agent?

Bahrain: Tolerance!

3 August 2005

scepticMe is shouting for tolerance and a multicultural society, to respect different race, ethnicity and religion and beliefs.

Bahrain: Michel Jackson at Seef Mall

3 August 2005

Wondering what Michel Jackson is doing in Bahrain? Well, Silly Bahraini Girl posted a photo of him while shopping at Seef Shopping Mall.