· August, 2010

Stories about Bahrain from August, 2010

Bahrain: Freej Al Fadhel before Iftar

  30 August 2010

bint battuta in bahrain takes us to Freej Al Fadhel, Al Fadhel neighbourhood in the capital Manama, for a glimpse into daily life 10 minutes before the call for prayers which signal the end of the fasting day this Ramadan.

Tech and Transparency in MENA: A Long Way to Go

  19 August 2010

Technology for transparency activists are making headway in the Middle East and North Africa, but greater access to both technology tools and skills and legal assistance is needed in order to maximize their potential.

Saudi Arabia: In Memory of Dr Ghazi Al Gosaibi

  16 August 2010

Saudi Arabia and Bahrain are mourning the loss of an intellectual who has contributed greatly to the cultural and development scene of both neighbouring countries. Ghazi Al Gosaibi, a poet, author, Ambassador and minister, died yesterday at the age of 70. Bloggers and tweeps remember him in this round up of reactions from across the Arab world.

Bahrain: Expensive Vote Buying

  7 August 2010

With parliamentary elections planned in Bahrain for October, voters have upped the prices for their votes, reports a local newspaper. Mahmood Al Yousif comments on vote buying here.

Bahrain: Election Indicators

  7 August 2010

Bahrain is gearing up for its parliamentary elections in October. Mahmood Al Yousif shares some indications of the pending elections here.

Bahrain: CrowdVoice Video Out

  7 August 2010

CrowdVoice.org, a user-powered service that tracks voices of protest from around the world by crowdsourcing information, has a new video which explains how it could be used, announces Mideast Youth here.

Bahrain: Watching Yusuf Al Siddiq

  7 August 2010

bint battuta in bahrain is pleased with an Iranian historical serial – Yusuf Al-Siddiq, which tells us the story of Joseph, son of Jacob, grandson of Isaac, great-grandson of Abraham, and which is dubbed into Arabic.

Bahrain: Fools and Doctors

  3 August 2010

Bahraini Mahmood Al Yousif feels ‘flutters’ in his chest and does the right thing when he goes through a series of tests. “only a fool becomes one’s own doctor, and I had,” he admits.