· June, 2008

Stories about Bahrain from June, 2008

Bahrain:Blocking Sites

  24 June 2008

Blocking websites is the most effective way of making them famous, notes Bahraini blogger Mahmood AlYousif on his country's latest threat to block some sites.

Egypt: Kareem's 600th Day in Prison

  24 June 2008

It will soon be the 600th day in prison for jailed Egyptian blogger Kareem Nabil Sulieman. Bahraini Esra'a writes about how you can get involved in pressing for his release.

Bahrain: Where's My Breakfast?

  15 June 2008

“Who cares about oil prices? Sure it’s at $139 at close in NY yesterday, but it’s still cheaper than water. The issue I have is not that, it is the complete absence of Weetabix from the local market. How can one have a decent breakfast if there is no Weetabix?”...

Bahrain: Letter from Jail

  11 June 2008

Bahraini blogger Ali Abdulemam [Ar] has received a letter from jailed fellow blogger Abdulla Mohsen. Mohsen has been in prison since the end of last year – on charges which include “the theft of a weapon and burning a police jeep.”

Bahrain: Thoughts on the F1

  11 June 2008

Bahraini Mahmood Al Yousif shares his thoughts on incidents which happened at the Formula One Race held in Canada over the weekend.

Bahrain: Bang!

  6 June 2008

Bahraini blogger emoodz was involved in a car crash and tells us what happened here.

Bahrain: In the Land of Law

  2 June 2008

Bahraini blogger Khalid is surprised with the knee jerk reactions taken by the government - after the Minister of Interior issued an order to ban issuing work permits for workers from Bangladesh - in a country which prides itself of being a democracy with laws and a constitution in place.

Bahrain: Detainees at home and abroad

  2 June 2008

Last December, a number of Bahrainis were arrested following clashes between protestors and security forces, and many are still being detained. Allegations have been made that some of them are being tortured. In February, eight Bahrainis were arrested in Saudi Arabia, apparently for straying into a restricted area. Concern has...